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USA: Massive chemical spill after train derailment in Ohio, toxic vinyl chloride and other carcinogens trigger fears of large environmental disaster

As the cars were at risk of explosion, the authorities pierced the containers, thinking of carrying out a 'controlled release' of the chemical. But the chemical started burning, releasing toxic fumes into the air and into a town that has a population of 5000 people.

USA admits there are Biolabs in Ukraine, says if a biological attack happens ‘it is Russia’s fault’

The Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland admitted that Ukraine has "biological research facilities" and the USA is concerned that a biological attack may happen, because of Russia.

Ghouta chemical attack: New study reveals involvement of Syrian rebels and not Assad, Obama wanted to bomb Syria in retaliation

The study built on previous revelations that punctured US claims about the Syrian govt's involvement in the Ghouta chemical attack.

India cautions UNSC over weapons of mass destruction falling into the hands of terrorists in conflict regions like Syria

India called for an objective investigation into the alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria and a peaceful resolution of the Syrian conflict.

Andhra: 3 days after Kurnool incident, another gas leak in Vizag kills 2 persons, 4 hospitalised

The incident took place at the factory which is located at the Jawaharlal Nehru Pharma City (JNPC) area in Vizag.

No second leak at polymer plant, experts working to fix issue: NDRF chief denies rumours of another leakage in Vizag

"There are some rumours and media reports about a second leakage. I categorically clear that it is not true. It has nothing to do with leakage as such and hence there is no reason to believe that there is a second leakage", said the NDRF chief.

Vishakapatnam gas leak tragedy: NDRF evacuates 1500 people, 800 admitted in hospitals, says Director-General

the police and the local administration came into action after locals reported throat and skin irritation and some toxic smell following the leak from the polymer plant.

Andhra Pradesh: Three including one child die after gas leak at chemical plant in Visakhapatnam

A chemical gas leakage was reported early morning on Thursday at LG Polymers factory in Visakhapatnam

Pakistan stepping up efforts to illegally procure nuclear technology, says German government

There has been a substantive increase in the efforts by Pakistan to obtain advanced technology used in nuclear, biological and chemical(NBC) weapons

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