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Maharashtra: Inayat Pardeshi, a writer at The Wire Marathi, arrested for torturing and beating his own mother to death

Inayat Pardeshi is the son of Marxist couple Saroj Kamble and Ranjit Pardeshi. Saroj Kamble has reportedly been tortured and beaten to death by her son Inayat.

Meet Jas Oberoi, Canada-based columnist, who used to write for NewsLaundry, known for pushing anti-India, anti-Hindu, pro-Khalistani propaganda

Jas Oberoi is known for spreading lies and propaganda. Interestingly, he keeps his professional and activism life seperate

The Print columnist challenges people to ‘prove him wrong’ that India’s most popular games do not involve touch, netizens oblige

Dilip Mandal claimed that popular sports in India do not involve human touch, netizens teach him about Kabaddi and Kushti

Columnist Yuvraj Pokharna gets death threats on Instagram for criticising the murder of Kanhaiya Lal

Columnist Yuvraj Pokharna received death threats for criticizing murder of Kanhaiya Lal in Udaipyr by Islamists

The Wire columnist Ghazala Wahab claims Jains are Hindus but they demanded minority status because of financial bonanza

Ghazala Wahab brazenly put out that Jains sought minority status in order to avail financial bonanza by government.

Islamism apologist profiled by Shekhar Gupta’s ‘ThePrint’ wants made-in-India products boycotted globally to ‘save Muslims’

CJ Werleman is an anti-India propagandist and a habitual fake news peddler. His articles are published by The Print.

The Print columnist tries to insult ‘Sanghis’ by being a ‘Muslim celebrating Diwali’, gets slammed by fellow Islamists: Details

It is quite amusing to see that even the Islamist Zainab was not given a free pass by fellow Islamists. Radical Islam demands complete submission and any pretence of 'moderation' even to mask the inherent radical mindset, is not tolerated by the Islamist community.

Tennis legend Martina Navratilova falls for fake news spread by Islamism apologist profiled by Shekhar Gupta’s ThePrint: details

Martina Navratilova shares fake news peddled by left-liberal media claiming that Pramod Muthalik has called for demolition of a mosque

Newslaundry columnist demands that BJP be banned from 2019 elections based on a debunked lie

Jas Oberoi, a columnist with Newslaundry tweeted that Uttar Pradesh police was openly distributing food packets with NaMo and BJP written on them in Noida

Facts, No Fiction: Growth prospects of the Indian Economy

One underlying reason for India’s growth to accelerate are the fact that the economy is now well transitioned from the tectonic shifts it went through due to successive reforms.

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