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Congo government dismisses reports of military coup against President Denis Nguesso

Reports say that speculation about a coup in Congo has been rife since August after the military took over in Gabon following the victory of the ousted President Ali Bongo in Gabon.

Niger: French ambassador held hostage, denied food after Emmanuel Macron refuses to recall its diplomats. Here is what we know so far

In late August 2023, French ambassador Sylvain Itte was directed to leave Niger by the country's new self-proclaimed leader Abdourahamane Tchiani.

Another coup in West Africa as Gabon military leaders grab power, claim that general elections ‘lacked credibility’

Gabon became the third African nation after Burkina Faso and Niger to see a change of guard through a military coup in 2023.

Military rulers of Niger threaten to kill deposed president Mohammad Bazoum if foreign countries try to intervene to restore the govt

Niger junta have warned that they’d kill deposed president if there is any military intervention

‘We don’t want your money, use it to sponsor a weight loss program for Victoria Nuland’: Niger’s military rulers tell USA

Victoria Nuland was allowed to meet only the new military chief of staff  Brigadier General Moussa Salaou Barmou, not the new leader General Abdourahamane Tchiani or the deposed President Bazoum.

Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin negotiates deal after armed rebellion against Putin, moves to Belarus and evades prosecution. Here is what happened

The development was confirmed by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, who thanked the Belarusian President for de-escalating the situation.

Putin issues strong statement against Wagner Group, ‘rebel chief’ hits back, Opposition party calls Russian President ‘pus*y’

The Wagner Group, led by its chief Yevgeny Prigozhin, has reportedly declared that Russia will have a new President soon.

Amidst rumours of a coup, Chinese President Xi Jinping set to be re-elected head of Communist Party of China

The Congress, where Xi is anticipated to be re-elected for a record-breaking third term, is taking place in the midst of a large purge of top security officers who are said to be part of an ideological circle antagonistic to the Chinese President.

As rumours of a military coup in China turns out to be false, here is how the claims of house arrest of Xi Jinping...

Rumours had appeared claiming that Chinese premier XI Jinping was removed from the control of military and was put under house arrest by PLA

Former US National Security Adviser John Bolton admits to planning attempted foreign coups

During an appearance on CNN, John Bolton admitted to helping planning coups in foreign countries.

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