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Christian Bharatanatyam dancer says church denied her religious services for performing at Hindu temples

Bharatanatyam dancer Sawmya Sukumaran said she was being denied religious services by the church for performing in Hindu temples

Alt News cofounder tweets factually incorrect information on historical King Nala, does not take it down despite being fact-checked

Mohammed Zubair referred to King Nala as a Janeu-dhari-Brahmin to insinuate that biryani was not indigenous to India

Mahabharata lesson and reference to Hindu icons – Did you catch these hidden symbols in The Kashmir Files?

Netizens point out subtle references to the gods of Hindu religious scriptures in the movie The Kashmir Files

Civil Aviation Ministry issues advisory to play Indian music on planes and at airports on the request of ICCR

ICCR had equested civil aviation minister Jyotiraditya Scindia to make it mandatory to play Indian music at airports and on planes

Russia: Vladimir Putin slams western countries trying to redefine man and woman, calls gender politics a borderline crime against humanity

Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that attempts are on in the West to destroy the concept of man and woman.

Amid violence against Hindu minorities in Bangladesh, ICCR postpones exhibition featuring Bangladeshi artist’s artworks

The exhibition was to feature over 100 artworks, 35-40 photographs, animation videos, film and sculptures of this Bangladeshi artist. The exhibition aimed to capture 40 years of the journey of Rokeya Sultana.

Govt of India’s Know India website hails Mughal rule as ‘greatest ever’, Ministry issues clarification

Ministry of Culture's website hails Mughal rule as 'greatest empire ever'.

Rathayatra special: The story of the wedding of a princess from the South and the Gajapati of Kalinga

On the day of the Rathayatra, the Gajapati ruler of Kalinga becomes a sweeper for one day when the emperor sweeps the chariot of Mahaprabhu with a golden handled broom as his servant.

Overemphasis on Mughals, caste issues, no mention of Hindu kings, saints: Think-tank flags distortion in NCERT books before Parliamentary panel

Think-tank tells parliamentary committee on education that NCERT books pay disproportionately high attention to Mughal rulers.

Third Battle of Panipat: Temple destruction and Jihad of the barbaric hordes, the valiant Marathas and the far-reaching effects of the loss

By the 1750s, Marathas had grown strong so as to be able to annex Malwa, Gujarat, Odisha, Berar as also some parts of the Ganga Jamuna Doab and Bundelkhand.

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