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A few months ago the Church of South India’s Bishop Thomas K Oommen wrote a scathing letter about the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) rule and claimed that life is “miserable” under the NDA rule.
So much has been written and talked about Kumbh and yet it seems so little
Stamps present just the opportunity to showcase the glorious heritage of Hinduism
Rani of Jhansi herself was a subject of great attention by the Colonial authors, historians and missionaries.
The revisionism of India’s history books has gained ground in recent decades. Among many such soldiers of truth is Francois Gautier, a foreign French journalist who loved India so much that he stayed put in this country since 1971.
The Uttar Pradesh government led by Yogi Adityanath has allocated Rs 4,200 crore for the 50-day Kumbh Mela this time
Would these communists ever confess that Stalin killed more people than Hitler did before or during the Second World War?
Kumbh is the largest religious and spiritual congregation on the earth and is declared as 'intangible cultural heritage' by UNESCO.
In its History of Medicine series, the Columbia University Irving Medicine Center confirmed that the roots of modern cosmetic surgery go back over 2500 years
It's not unsurprising that India hasn't been able to come up with its own Grand Narrative as the intellectual corridors of the country continues to be dominated by people of a liberal or Marxist bent
Not just Tharoor, even Times Now, after it spread rampant negativity during Diwali was in quite the festive mood during Christmas
People on Twitter were horrified at the exploitation of Desmond by his parents. The Drag Kid's parents are being accused of brainwashing him to benefit themselves financially.
The harder I think, the more I realize that not knowing Samskritam, locking ourselves out of our culture is the most harmful thing that we have done to ourselves.
For the ones with vitiligo... you are beautiful. The world will see what you want them to see.
Wire is wrong in saying that Gamosa has become a symbol of insecurity in Assam
Worship is not only about the deity but also geography and form specifically and this should be understood in Sabarimala's context
But diversity cannot survive without exclusion and our constitution builders identified this need
Amit Shah has already hinted that the BJP will make reclaiming of Hyderabad pride as a poll issue.
The letter says that it is the earnest wish of Hindus that the pilgrimage is made possible.
Organised and planned by Mangaluru Literary Foundation, the running theme of the maiden edition is "Idea of Bharat"
The festivities are upon the garden city of Bengaluru
After his Pakistan visit fiasco, Sidhu now lands in another Pakistan related controversy
Maa Shailaputri rides a bull and carries a lotus in Her left hand and a Trishul in Her right hand.
Today we will again wake up in the wee hours and collectively invoke the Devi to descend on this mortal world
Vice President Venkaiah Naidu’s vision has to be the right way forward.
We believe in empowering each Bharatiya so that Bharatiyata in them blooms like the lotus of BJP.
Eeny, Meeny, Mynie, and Moh left the building without paying the bill.
I’m a Hindu woman and believer who is #READYTOWAIT and with this verdict, I feel utterly cheated and defeated
This initiation of ‘Samvad’ by RSS with the civil society, political and social organisations has shed many myths about RSS

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