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Amul refutes ‘slaughterhouse’ allegations by Maneka Gandhi, says 36 lakh farmers who own Amul, treat their cows like a family member

In a viral video, Maneka Gandhi claimed that Amul runs slaughterhouses and their milk business is just a middle step for the larger meat business.

Tamil Nadu: Dairy farmers in Erode throw milk on road during protests demanding an increase in procurement prices

The dairy farmers in Tamil Nadu are demanding an increase in the procurement price of milk by Rs 7 per litre

Punjab: Thousands of dairy farmers stage protest against the AAP government in the state

Punjab is contributing more than 6 percent of the total dairy production in India.

Amul leads the way in women empowerment as it celebrates 75 years of Indian Independence: Watch video that has won hearts

Amul celebrates 75 years of milk revolution as India enters 75th year of Independence with this lovely video.

PETA India’s latest wisdom – Cows are killed for beef because you are drinking milk and eating cheese

From using an old video to further its claims to insinuating that beef consumption is being encouraged by the dairy industry, PETA India is back to its selective targeting.

Read how a small revolution to help poor dairy farmers gave birth to the world’s ninth-largest dairy company, Amul

Amul helped India change from being a milk-deficit country to become the world’s largest producer of milk and milk products

‘Will they give livelihood 100 million farmers’: Amul MD responds to PETA India for asking them to use ‘vegan milk’ after losing a case...

Amul MD R S Sodhi questioned if PETA India will give livelihood to 100 million dairy farmers, 70% of whom are landless

Farm Bills debate: Amul chief says the freedom to sell anywhere helps farmers prosper, improves production

RS Sodhi explained that along with the increase of milk's contribution to GDP, there has also been a rise in farmers' income because of this freedom to sell the produce anywhere they wish.

Amul pumped in Rs 8,000 crore back into rural economy during lockdown, increased milk collection by 15% with seamless supply chain

Dairy cooperative AMUL stood tall as the coronavirus crisis hit the country and against all odds managed to ensure that milk distribution is not impaired and supply chain management is seamless.

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