Topic: Death threats

The Naxals occupying the forest interiors have put up posters not only to boycott the polls but also "the Government backed by the corporates"
The newly-formed BJP-led Government in Tripura had declared that it wanted to make the State drugs free
He said he was angry after being called Aurangzeb and he should have killed the person who did that.
She is one of the petitioners in the case being heard by the Supreme Court
He has recently written a book busting the propaganda of 'Hindu terror'
The letter was signed by an individual named Haidar Hussain Khan
The accused in the past have allegedly mocked other religions as well are self-proclaimed atheists and rationalists.
Local reports are claiming that the threats originate in Dubai
They are said to be serial offenders when it comes to cow slaughter
The father has alleged that he received death threats on Thursday
They have also threatened to kill RSS leader Valsan Thillenkery
This is not the first time the Lalu family has issued threats

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