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Death threats

Three murders, four brutal assaults and death threats: How radical Islamists have been attacking Hindus who have supported Nupur Sharma

In the last few months, rabid Islamists have brutally executed, attacked and threatened a number of people for voicing their support for Nupur Sharma on social media

Nupur Sharma files fresh petition, says statement by SC judges has resulted in an increased number of rape and death threats

In her petition, Nupur Sharma had sought expunction of the observations made by Justices Surya Kant and JB Pardiwala.

Islamists issue death threats to BJP MP Kirodi Lal Meena for supporting Kanhaiya Lal’s family

Rajasthan man Kadir Ali, in a letter, threatened Meena with Kanhaiya Lal-like fate for anyone who insults Prophet Muhammad.

Rajasthan: Two more men get ‘sar tan se juda’ threats in Udaipur, probe initiated

Kanhaiya Lal was beheaded by Islamists for extending support to Nupur Sharma who has been receiving death threats over allegations of blaspheming against Prophet Muhammad.

Naveen Jindal says Police van outside his residence attacked, glass shattered, days after he got death threats, here is what police said

Naveen Kumar Jindal requested the Delhi Police Commissioner to take appropriate steps to ensure his safety and that of his family.

Gujarat: Youth receives death threats from Islamists for uploading a picture of Nupur Sharma on Instagram

The police have arrested three Islamists for issuing death threats to a young man for supporting Nupur Sharma.

Haryana: BJP and Congress MLAs receive threatening calls from a Dubai number, probe underway

Haryana MLAs from BJP and Congress received threatening calls from a Dubai number. The calls are reportedly linked to extortion.

TMC leader Wasim Raza offers Rs 5 lakh bounty for Nupur Sharma’s head, later edits the Facebook post

Wasim Raza posted, "I Wasim Raza, lover of the prophet, with all responsibilities announces Rs 5 lakhs on Nupur Sharma's head."

Vishwa Hindu Parishad publishes Bajrang Dal helpline numbers to help Hindus under threats by Islamist jihadis

VHP tweeted, "Hindus under threat or victimized by jihadist forces may approach our Bajrang dal Helpline numbers or their respective areas."

Ghaziabad: Lawyer Parvez Ali uses his neighbour Sadar Pathan’s name to issue death threats to a Hindu businessman, arrested

As Parvez Ali realized that people are being threatened over supporting Nupur Sharma in the last few weeks, he wrote a threat letter to businessman Devendra Dhaka pretending to be Sadar Khan Pathan so that Sadar Pathan gets arrested.

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