Wednesday, March 3, 2021



Chakka Jam: At a time when nation needs to scale new heights, Opposition wants India to come to a halt

Chakka jams and tractor rallies are nothing but a spectacle, well planned and well organised to get international attention and defame India on global platforms.

Myanmar: Military takes control after a coup, Aung San Suu Kyi, other leaders detained

Aung San Suu Kyi, Myanmar’s 75-year-old state counselor, President Win Myint, and other members of the National League of Democracy were arrested at their residences in the capital Naypyidaw early on Monday.

‘Allow peaceful transfer of power’: PM Modi advises the United States amidst violent power struggle in Washington

Taking to Twitter, PM Modi, the leader of the world's biggest democracy, termed the protests as "unlawful" and asked the Unite States to follow and continue the orderly and peaceful transfer of power.

Hong Kong authorities arrest 53 opposition leaders under the national security law as China escalates crackdown on pro-democracy camp

53 elected pro-democracy officials and activists arrested in Hong Kong their participation in an unofficial primary election last year

Is there a conspiracy against India? What a small election in Goa tells us about protest circuses across India

India is fast becoming a smartphone hub. And just then, with perfectly bad timing, India faces a huge PR disaster on this front.

Youth Congress scraps internal polls for sake of ‘internal democracy’: Here are the details

Youth Congress, to promote 'internal democracy', have proceeded to scrap internal democracy by doing away with internal polls.

‘Future generations will be proud’: As PM Modi performs the Shilanyas for new parliament building, here are the key points from his speech

"When I entered the Parliament House for the first time in 2014 as an MP, before stepping into this temple of democracy, I had bowed my head and saluted it," PM Modi said.

First meeting of Constituent Assembly: Speech by Dr Sachidananda Sinha proves that India never understood the mindset behind Muslim League

9th December 2020 marks 74th anniversary of the first meeting of Constituent Assembly - it's time we analyse the shaky foundation

Historic engagement with USA: President of Tibetan government-in-exile, Lobsang Sangay, visits White House for the first time in six decades

The visit by Dr Lobsang Sangay, who is the president of Tibetan govt-in-exile to the White House comes as a historic recognition

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