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Rajdeep Sardesai proposes debate with sociologist Salvatore Babones over his criticism of Indian intellectuals, then declines his invitation to debate

Rajdeep Sardesai says that there should be debate with Salvatore Babones over his criticism of intellectuals, but refuses to debate himself

Sadanand Dhume and liberal propaganda: Why he is wrong about Indian democracy being in danger and how he refused to answer pertinent questions

Serial commentator Sadanand Dhume, tweeted a thread yesterday, yet again reminding us that democracy is in danger in India.

Kavita Krishnan tweets about socialist regimes being autocratic, removed from primary membership by CPI(ML) after differences of opinion

CPI(ML) Liberation’s Polit Bureau member and a Central Committee member for more than two decades Kavita Krishnan has been relieved of all posts she held in the party

Rahul Gandhi insinuates his family is above law, says ED summons for him and his mother is an attack on democracy

Rahul Gandhi, who is being probed in the National Herald money laundering case, claimed in a presser that ED notices to his family are attack on democracy.

‘Congress is fighting against the entire infrastructure of India’: Rahul Gandhi after ED action in National Herald money laundering case

Rahul Gandhi convened a press conference on Friday, days after ED raided premises of National Herald.

Mobocracy makes democracy bend to its will, the State bends down to accommodate the most violent, most vocal group

The police arrested Kamlesh Tiwari's murderers and the law is taking its own course in this case as well. But what course did the law take about the 'Sar Tan Se Juda' mob? Did it take any action against it? No. It did not. This again underlines that the mob is more powerful than the State.

Rahul Gandhi makes another pitch for foreign intervention in India, rants against his own country just because he is not the one ruling it

As there are no takers for the Gandhis, and electoral success remains elusive for them, Rahul Gandhi perhaps wants the Western powers to intervene and overthrow the current government, so his party can rule.

‘Mr. Trudeau, you are a disgrace to any democracy, spare us your presence’, ‘dictatorship’: How Canada PM faced humiliation in EU Parliament

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited the EU Parliament to deliver a speech and faced humiliation over truckers protest

George Soros funded V-Dem Institute claims decline in India’s Democracy rating: Read how western liberal organisations are running an anti-India propaganda

George Soros' sponsorship of the V-Dem Institute reveals a lot about the organization's intentions toward India.

PM Modi takes Congress to the cleaners in Rajya Sabha, says how things would have been different ‘agar Congress nahi hoti’

PM Modi in his speech in the Rajya Sabha questioned many existing notions around Democracy, Federalism and India as a nation.

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