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The constitution will perish if India’s demography is altered, Indian tradition and Dharma protect it: Madras HC judge

Madras High Court judge has said that the Constitution of India will cease to exist if the country’s 'demographic profile' is changed.

‘Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj was never a Dharmaveer, he was a Swarajya Rakshak’, says NCP’s Ajit Pawar, here is why he is wrong

Ajit Pawar said, "Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj never upheld Dharma anywhere in his life. But few people keep saying Dharmaveer, Dharmaveer, Dharmaveer."

Old strangleholds loosening and new discourse appearing: Is a new Dharmic ecosystem finally taking shape

Elon Musk has just taken over Twitter. What more is 2022 going to do to the beleaguered left? While your guess is good as mine, there is not an iota of doubt that 2022, so far, has truly been a year of pleasant surprises like no other.

Suspended BJP MLA Raja Singh says he’d release part-2 of his video as Islamists demand punishment, puts ‘Dharma over party’

Suspended Telangana BJP leader Thakur Raja Singh said that he has done nothing wrong and will remain loyal to the party

Sambhaji Maharaj: Understanding the valorous Chhatrapati through his letters and literature

On his Punyatithi, it is imperative that we throw light on the literary prowess of Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj, the eternal upholder of Dharma and explore him through the letters of his time.

Rashtranayak Netaji: Dharmic moorings of Subhash Chandra Bose and the death-blow to the British Raj in India

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose must be conferred title of Rashtranayak (national hero) lickety-split for his dharmic moorings and the death blow to British Raj

Uttarakhand: Wasim Rizvi aka Jitendra Tyagi arrested in connection with Haridwar ‘Dharm Sansad’ hate speech case

Uttarakhand Police on Thursday arrested Wasim Rizvi alias Jitendra Tyagi in connection with the Haridwar 'Dharm Sansad' hate speech case

Dharma Sankat over Dharma Sansad: Calls for violence and a dilemma for Hindus

For the past two days, Twitter is rife with videos of a three-day event called Dharma Sansad, organised in Haridwar, Uttarakhand

A Comprehensive Perspective on Modern Strategies to Effectively Stand for Dharma

Dharma is one of the most misunderstood, distorted and attacked concepts in the contemporary world.

SMaRT, a collaboration of nationalistic media outlets to challenge the monopoly of left-liberal media, launches its website

SMaRT aims to support its members through various initiatives that can help the nationalistic media to challenge the mainstream media

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