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UN credits IMD's pinpoint accuracy early warning system for successfully achieving this feat
Opposition parties tried to project a routine procedure as an example of centre's injustice towards Kerala
The study has blamed the communist Kerala government's inaction and mismanagement for the devastation caused by the floods.
The Indian government has decided to dispatch two Indian Air Force transport aircraft and three Indian Navy ships
A fire broke out at Calcutta Medical college at around 7.58 AM today.
The Kerala government had fallen into the trap of fake news regarding UAE's 700 crores aid.
CPM workers were obstructing the free and fair distribution of the relief material
80 dams were opened at same time instead of gradually opening the dams in drier times
Many have used the Kerala floods to spread lies and use the tragedy to further political agenda
Only those who celebrate floods are sharks who syphon off free funds and donations. They must be identified and called out.
With her inaction of rejecting the report, \Congress should answer for the floods which claimed over 350 lives. 

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