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Divisive politics

Politics of caste and class: How Rahul Gandhi is pushing the country into the fire through his divisive politics

Rahul Gandhi is doing divisive politics with the sole goal of getting a government bungalow in the country's most exclusive power circle, Lutyens' Delhi.

Rajasthan, Chennai, Jharkhand, every part from North to South, East to West is a part of India: PM Modi rips into Congress over North-South...

Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered a powerful speech in response to the 'Motion of Thanks' in the Rajya Sabha, excoriating the Congress party for pushing a north-south divide in India

Rahul Gandhi predicts violence and chaos in India, thanks to politics he himself has been playing

Rahul Gandhi claimed that BJP is dividing the country among various groups, and the pain from it will lead to violence

Hemant Soren calls Bhojpuri, Magahi as language of rape and abuse, says they are ‘borrowed’ and imposed upon people of Jharkhand

“These are the borrowed languages. These are the languages of Bihar and not Jharkhand," Soren said to Hindustan Times.

Revisiting Sainbari, a blot on Indian Democracy: When Communists made a mother eat rice with her dead sons’ blood

The Sainbari incident remains the most horrific instance of political violence in the country.

Sarabjeet Singh, the tempo driver in the Mukherjee Nagar incident is a history-sheeter: Reports

Social Media has been abuzz recently after a video went viral that showed Delhi Police thrashing a Tempo driver, Sarabjeet Singh, and his son.

Congress leader plays caste and religion card in illegal Rohingya affected Mewat region in Rajasthan

Congress' Zahida Khan appeals to Gujjars and Muslims in Mewat region to come together to vote for Congress

IndiaSpend misrepresents facts of a case to boost the number of Muslim victims in its database

Swarajya Magazine's Swati Goel Sharma demolishes IndiaSpend's selective reportage on so-called hate crimes.

Here is why Congress finds it convenient to paint UP and Bihar as burdens

SP, BSP and Congress are all set to fool the public again.

Kamal Nath has given Congress ecosystem the job of demonizing UP-Bihar, and we can expect this

After fifteen long years, Congress has begun its innings in Madhya Pradesh on a message of hatred towards the people of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar by CM Kamal Nath

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