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‘Hindi is the national language, learn it’: Nitish Kumar bursts as DMK leaders ask for English translation of his speech during I.N.D.I. Alliance meet

Nitish Kumar asserted that Hindi is the national language and insisted that everyone should know it. His outburst continued for several minutes, delving into Indian history and criticising the imposition of English.

Rajasthan: CM Gehlot promises English language education for all students in the state in Congress Guarantee Yatra

In addition to the rally, during a press conference in the state capital, CM Gehlot underscored the party's commitments and stated that "BJP's power is ED, my power is guarantees."

TRT World declared that there would be no Shakespeare without Islam, this is how they are wrong

While no Muslims enter on stage in his plays, none of his plays are set in the Islamic backdrop, AJ Caschetta notes in National Review.

Delhi University removes works of Mahasweta Devi English syllabus, teachers’ group backs decision: Here is what the DU said

Delhi University has come under fire for deleting works of Mahasweta Devi and other Dalit authors from the English syllabus of Semester V of the BA (Hons) English course

‘Fans do not deserve this’: Rwanda President Paul Kagame trashes Arsenal management after defeat against Brentford

Rwanda President Paul Kagame let out his frustration at the continuous disappointing performance by Arsenal.

Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka suffer racial abuse after missing penalties in defeat against Italy in Euro 2020 final

England players of colour, Sancho, Rashford and Saka, suffered racial abuses after losing Euro Cup 2020 final against Italy.

‘My English is not good enough’: Roger Federer’s answer to the interviewer wins hearts at the Wimbledon. Watch

When an British Interviewer used an English idiom during a post-match interview at the Wimbledon, Roger Federer said he didn't understand it

‘You too get married thrice,’ JSP chief Pawan Kalyan takes a dig at Andhra CM Jaganmohan Reddy over personal remarks

Andhra CM had taken a jibe at actor-turned-politician Pawan Kalyan for having married thrice.

Here is how I became a Hindu ‘liberal’

The harder I think, the more I realize that not knowing Samskritam, locking ourselves out of our culture is the most harmful thing that we have done to ourselves.

As a Scot, I agree with VP Venkaiah Naidu. Every country should preserve its culture and heritage

Vice President Venkaiah Naidu’s vision has to be the right way forward.

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