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‘Shravan Kumar and Aurangzeb cannot have equal rights to parents’ property’: Key highlights of the Uttarakhand UCC

The Bill says that the relationship between a man and a woman can be termed legitimate or illegitimate based on social norms, but a child is never 'illegitimate'.

Homemaker wives are entitled to an equal share in their husband’s property as they contribute by household work: Madras High Court

Madras High Court said that a homemaker woman’s contribution in acquiring family assets cannot be deemed valueless

Freedom for Freedom: How far will the ‘my freedom to do this and that’ trope go

All this will boomerang and wreak havoc on us only. And then there will be nowhere to go.

‘Progressivism does not mean detaching from one’s roots’: PM Modi after inaugurating the Statue of Equality of Sri Ramanujacharya

PM Modi inaugurates 216-feet tall Statue of Equality that commemorates 11th-century Bhakti Saint Sri Ramanujacharya

As PM Modi inaugurates Statue of Equality commemorating Ramanujacharya, let’s revisit teachings of the saint who promoted idea of equality in everything

Saint Sri Ramanujacharya promoted the idea of equality in all aspects of living including faith, caste and creed.

‘Picking up broom and cleaning will not make you less of a Darbari’: Cricketer Ravindra Jadeja’s wife urges men to help women in household...

Rivaba Jadeja's appeal to men to help women in household chores has not gone too well with some people.

Article 370 must go: BJP can’t pussyfoot any longer

So what is this Article 370 which allows J&K to function much against the national (or for that matter, it’s own) interests?

If Court desires respect for law, it must make law respectable by reiterating that nobody is above it

People in this country usually avoid commenting upon the wisdom of My Lords, but this differential treatment is unpalatable

Does Kapil Sibal know that Muslim Personal Law Board thought Indira Gandhi was ‘communal’?

What actually prompted the constitution of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board

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