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Sexual assault, cocaine snorting, ticketless fans run wild: Read what happened during crime spree in Wembley before Euro 2020 final

There was mayhem outside the iconic Wembley Stadium before and after England lost to Italy in the UEFA Euro 2020 final.

No less than rioters: England football fans create ruckus after losing the Euro 2020 final to Italy

England fans created ruckus after defeat in Euro 2020 finale in London.

Euro 2020 sponsor Coca-Cola loses billions after Cristiano Ronaldo’s ‘Drink water’ stunt

The video of Cristiano Ronaldo snubbing Coca Cola has gone viral on social media.

BBC apologises for its coverage of footballer Eriksen’s collapse, it is time they apologise for their grotesque reportage on India’s Covid outbreak too

The western media outlets, including BBC, ought to apologise India for perpetrating racism with their egregious coverage of country's COVID-19 pandemic and linking it with morbid images of burning funeral pyres.

Euro 2020: Christian Eriksen is awake, his condition stable after collapsing on the pitch during Denmark vs Finland

Following the incident, UEFA also confirmed that Christian Eriksen has been transferred to the hospital and his condition has been stabilised.

You have mail, Mr S A Aiyar. Subject: Brexit

The hypocrisy over the Brexit results continues, with more contrived arguments

The bigotry of so-called liberals over the Brexit verdict

Dear Liberals, we understand your feeling of hurt and disappointment over the Brexit result.

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