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West Bengal panchayat violence leads to the exodus of more than 100 people to Assam, similar situation arose after 2021 Vidhan Sabha election

The chaotic scenes at Dhubri on July 10 were reminiscent of the exodus of 450 people from West Bengal to Assam in the aftermath of the 2021 Vidhan Sabha elections.

UP: Hindu family in Barabanki forced to migrate after facing harassment from Muslims over children’s fight

The police said that this a Hindu majority village and no incident of Hindu exodus because of harassment by minority is reported so far.

Aligarh: Hindu families looking to leave the area after Muslim youth harass Dalit girls, a victim’s father beaten up with chains: Report

Many residences in this area of Aligarh have 'Ghar Bikau Hai' (This House is for sale) posters outside their homes.

The history forgotten: The persecution of Parsis by Muslims in Persia and their migration to India

Parsis adhere to Zoroastrianism, also known as Mazdayasna in its original form, one of the world's oldest religions.

Kanpur: Islamists threaten to behead Bajrang Dal worker if he does not leave the organisation, orders to leave the house

Hrithik Kumar Verma has wrote a board on the gate of his house which reads, "Honorable Chief Minister, we are not safe in this colony."

Jharkhand: ‘On sale’ posters come up outside almost 150 Hindu shops and houses after stone-pelting incident in Giridih, locals allege police apathy

Posters that read 'house on sale' have emerged outside at least 150 Hindu shops and houses after a stone pelting incident happened on June 12

‘Muslims shut shops just before Karauli violence started’: Another Hindu exodus looms large. Here is what the victims said

The victims of the recent Karauli communal clashes, where the mob mercilessly attacked Hindus on the day of the Hindu new year, said they do not feel safe in Karauli and planning to move to other secure location with their families.

Retired IPS officer says the truth of brutalities in Kashmir is scarier than what The Kashmir Files has managed to show

Dr NC Asthana has listed out the continuing massacres on Hindus in Jammu and Kashmir which has continued even after the mass exodus of 1990.

Zee Studios deny ‘sabotage’ of The Kashmir Files, says it will release on 500 screens, but keeps mum on low media & outdoors publicity

Netizens had alleged that Zee Group, one of the producers of the film, were reducing the release of the film to less than 200 screens, thereby reducing the reach of the film.

Bricks to bullets: Migrant labourers start to leave Kashmir valley over recent targeted killings even as employers are yet to pay their salary

Clearly, the signs of development and normalcy have rattled the terrorists and their sympathizers from within and across the border leading to increased attacks on Hindus in the valley. 

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