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Media fans the same flame as 2019 that caused 2020 riots: After CAA notification, media jumps to paint Shaheen Bagh Muslims as victims, even...

Misleading information about CAA still lingers among Indian Muslims, especially in Shaheen Bagh. Mainstream media has been fanning it.

Arvind Kejriwal fear mongers about CAA and ‘additional votes to BJP’, launches tirade and brands persecuted Hindus from Islamic states as ‘Pakistanis’: What he...

AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal indulged in fearmongering over CAA and also launched a tirade against the persecuted Hindus seeking citizenship

Rahul Gandhi lies blatantly to push Khalistan agenda, claims Modi said Sikhs are second-class citizens

The false assertions of Rahul Gandhi emboldened the Khalistani elements who have eagerly been waiting to legitimise their claims for a separate nationhood.

CPM leader fearmongers, tries to instigate Muslims over Babri demolition after Mujahideen conference invites former BJP Kerala President

John Brittas alleged that BJP was trying to create a false sense of communal harmony and brotherhood in the State to gain votes in the election. He questioned the percentage of Muslims in the parliament and government.

Aakar Patel makes fearmongering video against NRC, here is how his claims are baseless and wrong

Aakar Patel claimed people excluded from NRC in Assam are fighting to prove their citizenship, while the fact is final NRC has not been notified yet

The Atlantic fear mongers about ‘Hinduisation’ of India, suggests Muslims who stayed back after partition took a wrong decision

An article on The Atlantic claims that Hinduisation of India is nearly complete under the Narendra Modi government

Asaduddin Owaisi attacks RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat for propagating Hindu-Muslim unity

Retorting to RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat's remarks on 'mob lynching', Asaduddin Owaisi claimed that 'this hatred is a product of Hindutva'

Delhi CM Kejriwal fear-mongers about new Covid strain, gets fact-checked by Aviation Minister and Singapore govt

Aviation minister Hardeep S Puri reminded Delhi CM that flights have been banned since March 2020 and India doesn't even have an 'air bubble' service with Singapore.

The Wire raves and rants, accuses Modi govt of ‘Patriarchal Authoritarianism’ to shield arrested women anti-CAA hoodlums

The Wire recently published an article in which corrective action against women anti-CAA protesters such as Safoora Zargar, Natasha Narwal, Gulfisha Fatima and others were defended by accusing the Modi government of espousing patriarchal authoritarianism

Amid coronavirus lockdown, molestation accused ‘journalist’ Vinod Dua warns about ‘civil disobedience’, compares police to ‘Jallad’

For paid leftist stooges like Vinod Dua, no time is inappropriate to spread filth against Modi and his government

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