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The Biryani was to be served for lunch after the meeting but the people could not wait for their turn and rushed up for the first serving.
Congress MLA Anand Singh has lodged FIR against MLA JN Ganesh, for allegedly assaulting him
J.N.Ganesh, the Karnataka MLA who was reported to have hit Anand Singh with a bottle in Eagleton resort, has come out and denied the allegations against him and claimed that there was no scuffle between the MLAs
Allegations have been levelled against the way the police handled the situation
It was in retaliation to his comments about a ‘revolutionary’ communist leader
The BJP and BJP workers decided to fight as a result
A lot of drama seems to be happening in Bihar Congress
Police has been deployed in the area after the communal clashes and current situation is under control.
Details from the EC ruling regarding the 'cycle' fight present an interesting angle
This leaked email completely changes the dynamics of UP elections.
An unnamed missile has left Barkha Dutt scouting for support

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