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“I don’t think India has declared China an enemy country”: DMK MP K Kanimozhi defends party’s ‘Chinese Rocket’ Ad after PM Modi’s criticism

DMK MP K Kanimozhi came to the party's defence after PM Narendra Modi criticised the state government's newspaper advertisement allegedly showcasing 'China rocket' picture.

West Bengal: Palestinian flag waved during Pakistan-Bangladesh World Cup match in Kolkata; four detained

The Kolkata police detained four spectators from the Eden Gardens for allegedly waving the Palestinian flag.

Welfare Party of India may be an example of communist stupidity in supporting terror, but they didn’t use the Italy flag to support Palestine:...

The Welfare Party of India didn't carry Italian flag in pro-Palestine protest in Kerala, they carried their own flag which is very similar to the Italy flag

Did a Hamas supporter accidentally set himself on fire while burning the Israeli flag? Know the truth behind the video which has gone viral

As the Israel-Hamas war rages, a video went viral which showed a man unintentionally lighting himself on fire while burning an Israeli flag

Kerala High Court denies request for saffron flags at Hindu temple, says temple premises not a place for political activities

Kerala High Court says saffron flags are political, denies permission to use them at a Hindu temple

Karikkakam Chamundi temple in Kerala’s Thiruvananthapuram banned from displaying saffron flags: Reports

The report says the police has asked the temple administration to remove saffron flags and torans which were put up as part of decoration for the festivals.

Kerala Police instruct Vellayani Bhadrakali temple to remove saffron decorations put up for a festival, claim it will create law and order situation

Kerala Police instructed Vellayani Bhadrakali temple in Thiruvananthapuram to saffron decorations with multi-coloured ones

The Hindu wilfully misrepresents what Kishan Reddy said about #HarGharTiranga program to insert China, KTR furthers the propaganda

On August 1st, 2022, The Hindu published a report with a headline – “Kishan Reddy defends flag import”.

Kerala: Congress leader prevents hoisting of Indian Union Muslim League flag at UDF event, asks League leader to hoist it in Pakistan

Congress leader Sanalkumar prevented Indian Union Muslim League leader Nazeer to hoist the IUML flag at a UDF event in Kerala

Khalistan flags placed by suspected ‘Punjab tourists’ appear on Himachal Pradesh Assembly gates

Khalistani elements claim parts of Haryana and Himachal Pradesh, which formed part of Greater Punjab till 1966, as part of 'Khalistan', an idea supported by ISI backed separatists. They want to 'liberate' Himachal Pradesh and Haryana and 'merge' into 'Khalistan'.

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