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Naushad’s video of spitting on Tandoori Roti might be just the tip of the iceberg, several similar videos emerge on social media

UP Police is investigation to see if Naushad was an alone in spitting on Rotis he was making or there is a nexus indulged in such activities

UK HelloFresh food app issues apology after a customer gets bottled-up urine with his order: Read details

In the United Kingdom, a HelloFresh app customer was left in shock as he received a bottle full of urine as part of food delivery

Meerut: Naushad arrested for spitting on Tandoori Rotis while cooking at wedding after video goes viral

Naushad who worked as a cook at a wedding was spotted spitting on tandoori rotis before putting it in the oven.

Skyrocketing food inflation fuels anti-government protests in Pakistan occupied Kashmir: Report

According to a report published on The News, angry residents of PoK are protesting against the Pakistani government for its inability to control rising food inflation.

Animal fat used to make ghee in Agra: Police recovers animal horns, hooves and bones, arrests Shafi, Chand Babu and others

UP Police raided the factory in Agra and recovered more than 100 kg of counterfeit ghee along with animal bones, horns and hooves

UP Govt refutes media reports that fake spices were made out of donkey dung in Hathras

Various media reports suggested that donkey dung was used mixed into the adulterated spices at a factory in Hathras, UP.

Not just during coronavirus lockdown, but Hindu temples have been feeding the poor and hungry every day since ages. An indicative list

Hindu temples are famous for their Prasad Halls where people can have food without being questioned about their caste, religion, race, etc

Delhi doctor provides free cataract Surgery for ‘Baba ka Dhaba’ couple

Delhi doctor provides free eye surgery to Baba Ka Dhaba couple.

Nutella says they are ‘not halal’, Muslim fans try and convince themselves that they are not haram, just not halal certified

Nutella USA, while responding to a question on Twitter clarified that their product is not halal.

September to be celebrated as ‘Poshan Maah’ by the government: Here is all you need to know

A total of a whopping 30.6 crore people were benefited by the 'Poshan Maah' campaign in September 2018.

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