Topic: Freedom Struggle

After repeated attempts to vilify Savarkar, Congress has now dragged Vajpayee's name into their tirade against right-wing leaders.
Hyrbyair Marri will highlight human rights violations by Pakistan and Iran in the Balochistan region
And this man has the gall to call RSS an anti-national. What do you think we should call you Mr Yadav?
India is now certainly 'waking to life & freedom' and as the great Swami Vivekananda said, shall not sleep until the goal is achieved.
The deification of Gandhi was driven by political goals.
Long before Gandhi's call for Independence, Ghadar movement mobilized Indians around the world to unite against the British
Let his idea of self-emancipation and discipline guide our lives which are otherwise riddled with lack of conviction and purpose.
On this Jayanti of his, let us remember the phenomenal values of selflessness and patriotism that Mangal Pandey epitomised

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