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‘She did nothing wrong but spoke the truth’: Dutch leader Geert Wilders speaks to former BJP leader Nupur Sharma, hails her as a ‘brave...

Notably, Geert Wilders has constantly supported Nupur Sharma ever since Islamists went on a rampage against Nupur Sharma for her comments on Prophet Muhammad.

Former Pakistan cricketer Khalid Latif sentenced to 12 years imprisonment for offering money to kill Dutch leader Geert Wilders

A video of Latif threatening violence against Wilders had gone viral after he had announced a contest for cartoons depicting Prophet Muhammad.

Prosecutors in the Netherlands demand a 12-year term for Pakistani cricketer Khalid Latif who offered a bounty to murder Geert Wilders: Details

Wilders during the trial stated that he continues to receive death threats and has been on the death lists of the Taliban, Al Qaeda, and ISIS for a very long time. Notably, an international warrant has been issued for Latif’s arrest.

Former Pakistani cricketer, who was banned for spot-fixing, charged for inciting people to murder a Dutch MP

Former Pakistani cricketer Khalid Latif has been accused of inciting people to murder Dutch MP Greet Wilders

Are you prepared to condemn violence by Muslims against Hindus? MP Geert Wilders seeks response from Dutch govt on Islamist violence, Nupur Sharma

Geert Wilders raised the issue of Islamist violence against Hindus in Bangladesh, India, and the hounding of Nupur Sharma.

Pakistani man claiming to be PMLN politician announces 20 Million USD bounty on Dutch MP Geert Wilders, says he is next after Salman Rushdie

Twitter has suspended the account of a Pakistani man who announced a bounty of 20 million USD for anybody who beheads Dutch Lawmaker Geert Wilders

Dutch MP Geert Wilders raises issue of Bangladesh violence against Hindus, Islamist threats against Nupur Sharma in Parliament

Geert Wilders tabled 14 questions to Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Justice and Security on Islamic attacks on Hindus

Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders supports Nupur Sharma yet again, says ‘radical intolerant jihadi Muslims’ responsible for Udaipur murder, not her

Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders has asked if India has 'Sharia courts', after some SC judges blamed Nupur Sharma for Islamist violence.

‘I respect Hinduism a million times more than Islam’: Dutch lawmaker gives ‘befitting reply’ to trolls asking him to condemn Hinduism too

Earlier on Sunday (June 12), Geert Wilders had announced to help the former BJP spokesperson in any way possible.

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