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General Bajwa

Here is why Imran Khan supporters are attacking Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir

Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir claimed former Army Chief Bajwa opened backdoor discussions with India over Kashmir

Former US Secretary of State Pompeo: ‘Pakistan was preparing for nuclear attack after Balakot surgical strike,’ says US worked to sort things out

“After an Islamist terrorist attack in Kashmir- probably enabled in part by Pakistan’s lax counterterror policies – killed forty Indians, India responded with an air strike against terrorists inside Pakistan. The Pakistanis shot down a plane in a subsequent dogfight and kept the Indian pilot prisoner,” Pompeo's book mentions.

Pakistan PM picks Pulwama attack architect and former ISI chief Asim Munir as next Army Chief, Imran Khan says president will discuss with him...

Lt Gen Asim Munir was the chief of ISI when India witnessed the Pulwama terror attack in February 2019.

‘Is Bajwa the sports Minister’: Pakistanis slam their Chief of Army Staff for inaugurating a sports ground

Pakistani social media users slam Army Chief General Qamar Bajwa for inaugurating a sports ground

Beijing concerned over attacks on Chinese nationals in Pakistan, requests action by Pak Army chief Qamar Bajwa in high-level meet: Reports

A tri-service military group from Pakistan visited China to meet senior military and government officials from Beijing.

Imran Khan beaten up in his office by General Bajwa: Pakistanis claim on social media amidst political turmoil in the country

Counterclaims are also being made on Twitter by Pakistanis that General Bajwa did not meet Imran Khan at Prime Minister's Office.

Imran Khan loses it on the eve of the no-confidence vote, calls opposition dacoits and traitors

Facing the biggest political challenge of his life, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan seems to be losing his cool under pressure

Saudi Arabia snubs Pakistan as Army chief Bajwa returns without a meet with Crown Prince

Failing to secure a meet with Prince Salman, Bajwa finally met Saudi Arabia's Deputy Defence Minister Prince Khalid bin Salman and Saudi Arabia's military chief of staff General Fayyad bin Hamid Al-Ruwaili.

Bollywood celebs’ ties with Pakistan’s ISI puppets surface once again, netizens demand an investigation

A multitude of Indian Bollywood celebrities has been hobnobbing with Pakistani businessmen and anti-India lobbyist over decades now.

Cricketer-turned-MP Gautam Gambhir slams ‘joker’ Shahid Afridi for his anti-India rant, calls him ‘16-year-old man’ after he refers to PM Modi as a ‘disease’

Gautam Gambhir went on to remind Afridi of what happened in East Pakistan, the present Bangladesh, in 1971, saying that Pakistan would not get Kashmir till judgment day.

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