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‘Caliphate is the solution’: Islamists storm streets of Hamburg shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’, demand caliphate in Germany led by ‘converted’ student and his ‘pop-Islamist’ followers

In one of the viral videos, one speaker can be heard describing the caliphate as a “system that… provides security” but is “hated” and “demonised” in Germany which is cheered by the mob with the chants of “Allahu Akbar.”

Repeated rape, hand burnt with hot water, forcible conversion to Islam: 2 ISIS terrorists arrested in Germany for sexual abuse of minor Yazidi children

The terrorists, identified as Asia R.A. and Twana H.S., are accused of crimes against humanity, genocide, war crimes and holding the membership of a foreign terror outfit.

India replaces Germany as Russia’s top medicine supplier, supplies 294 million packages of pharmaceuticals in 2023

Indian manufacturers increased their exports by 3% last year, delivering about 294 million packages of pharmaceuticals to Russia.

“Blatant Interference”: India lodges strong protest with Germany over remark on Arvind Kejriwal’s arrest, summons its Deputy Head of Mission

Following the German Foreign Ministry’s remark on the arrest of Arvind Kejriwal, India summoned its senior envoy to register a protest against ‘blatant interference’ in India’s internal affairs.

Germany: Two teachers ban non-Muslim fifth graders from drinking water due to 3 Muslim classmates fasting during Ramadan in Frankfurt

According to the girl, the announcement made by the two teachers does not appear to be a school requirement in Germany.

France, Germany implement new policy to stop entry of foreign-funded imams, may deport them in a bid to combat radicalism and separatism

Those foreign-funded imams residing in France will possibly be subject to deportation whereas those who want to stay back will have to switch to being paid by a French Muslim association instead of receiving money from overseas.

Thousands of farmers in Germany are blocking major highways with trucks and tractors: Know why they are out on the streets and what they...

Protests swept major cities and towns across Germany as truckers and farmers took to streets, blocking roads against diesel subsidy cuts.

Hamas-sympathising UN employee Lamia Burkart targets whistleblower Khaled Hassan on X, UN first says she didn’t have any X account, later says it was...

Lamia Burkart is a Communications Strategist in UN Human Rights wing. She is a Hamas-sympathiser.

‘Need preachers who stand up for our values’: Germany to stop accepting imams from Turkey, to train its own Muslim clerics

Germany will train Muslim clerics on home soil to promote integration instead of accepting imams from Turkey.

Germany: The City Council of Cologne succumbs to the pressure of Turkish Muslim migrants, removes the Memorial of the Armenian Genocide

The Armenian Genocide, a series of systemic killing of Christians during the Ottoman rule in the region of Armenia is one of the most horrific state-sponsored genocidal events of the 20th century.

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