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Ektaa Kapoor calls Godhra massacre a ‘train burning incident’ as she shares teaser of Vikrant Massey starrer ‘The Sabarmati Report’

Her post drew intense criticism as people slammed the Bollywood producer for watering down the horrific Godhra massacre in which 59 innocent Hindu pilgrims, including women and children were torched to death in cold blood by a rampaging Islamic mob.

Godhra massacre convict Hassan Ahmed Charkha released on parole by Gujarat High Court, was part of the mob that burnt the train carrying Hindu...

Godhra Canage convict Hasan had applied for parole in the name of the marriage of his sister's sons and daughters.

Godhra: Police arrest Munavvar Patel for selling 142 mobile SIM cards on fake identities

SOG investigators sprung into action after receiving information from the Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) of the state police. The police said that about 142 SIM cards were activated using the pictures of two people but data of distinct Aadhaar cards. 

Godhra: One Mohammed Kasim molests a Hindu woman on a bus in darkness, booked and nabbed

Gujarat Police on Thursday booked a man named Mohammad Kasim after he molested a Hindu woman who was travelling to Godhra from Halol in a bus in Gujarat

Gujarat: Mohammad Abdul of Godhra rapes and impregnates a girl, shares video of the act with victim’s fiancé to ruin her wedding

The victim's father has alleged that Mohammad Abdul's sister's son was also involved in raping his daughter.

How Teesta, Mukul Sinha, and other ‘activists’ conspired to take the Gujarat riots case against Hindus

Teesta Setalvad and others conspired to paint Hindus in bad light and blamed them for Gujarat riots 2002

From fetus killed with sword to Sanjiv Bhatt’s imaginary meeting with CM Modi: Busting 5 myths used to defame Modi and Shah after 2002...

The left-liberal cabal conjured up 5 myths to implicate PM Modi and HM Amit Shah in the 2002 Gujarat riots case.

A tale of two Indias: When a sitting CM of state followed rule of land, while an MP’s supporters believe he is above law

Two parties - one which claims to have brought democracy to India and the other which is often tainted to have backsided while upholding the same principles showcase different behaviour when real democracy is to be exercised.

‘Comedian’ Munawar Faruqui mocks singer Justin Bieber’s facial paralysis, had earlier made fun of victims of the Godhra train burning tragedy

Munawar Faruqui mocked singer Justin Bieber's facial paralysis after he revealed he is suffering from Ramsay Hunt Syndrome.

For ‘Liberals’, there are 2 kinds of ‘Muslim areas’: One in cities where Hindus aren’t allowed, one inside their heads where all crimes by...

The assertion of the dharmic identity has proved 'provocative' to the secular geniuses, as their 'secularism' enfolded not separating the state and the religion, but rather claiming the state and destroying the religion.

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