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US: Maths teacher arrested for having sex with a student while asking other students to act as ‘lookouts’, victim’s father booked for child endangerment

It later came to light that the victim's father Mark Crieghton was aware of the abuse. He let Clifton-Carmack visit the 16-year-old at home.

Former CNN producer John Griffin sentenced to 19 years in prison for sexually abusing a minor girl by paying her mother

According to the plea agreement, the ex-CNN producer contacted a woman on a website during the summer of 2020 and convinced her to bring her daughter to his home for sexual activity.

Masturbation, images of private parts, sex manuals: Children, as young as 9, are groomed in UK schools in the name of Relationships and Sex...

The situation has been worsened by 'activist teachers' and charity groups that are at the helm of preparing teaching material on 'biological sex' and underage sex.

‘Colour grey hair; no pearls, big bindi, religious threads allowed’: Air India issues new grooming guidelines for cabin crew

Air India issued a circular regarding the revised image and uniform guidelines, for both male and female crew members.

As Rishi Sunak becomes PM of the UK, his statement on grooming gangs goes viral, had vowed not to let ‘political correctness’ stand in...

Rishi Sunak's old video where he vowed to tackle Pakistani Muslim grooming gangs without letting political correctness come in way went viral.

Uttar Pradesh: Prince Qureshi of Kasganj poses as Monu Gupta to target a Hindu girl, rapes her after giving a spiked drink

Prince Qureshi, disguised as Monu Gupta, targeted a Hindu girl and raped her inside a vehicle after reportedly giving a spiked drink.

Telford sexual exploitation case: Inquiry finds over 1,000 children were groomed by Muslim gangs and authorities looked away due to ‘racial unease’

Over 1,000 girls were sexually exploited in Telford but authorities looked away for decades fearing they would be painted as racist

Uttar Pradesh: Waseem Ansari had become Ravi Sharma, booked for sexually exploiting and blackmailing minor girl

After the victim learned of Waseem's real name, she had approached the police, but the accused had started blackmailing and threatening her.

CNN producer who worked closely with Chris Cuomo arrested on allegations of raping minor girls, grooming them to be ‘sexually submissive’

CNN producer John Griffin, of Stamford, Connecticut has been accused of luring a woman and her nine-year-old daughter to his home in Vermont and 'training' her to be sexually submissive.

Gujarat: Mohib Pathan, 2 others arrested under new ‘Love Jihad’ law for forcing a Hindu woman to convert to Islam

A 23-year-old woman had registered a complaint at the Fatehgunj police station in Vadodara on Wednesday, accusing her husband Mohib Pathan of forcefully converting her to Islam.

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