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Lies and Deceit in the Badaun Murder Case: Locals hail Javed and Sajid and noble, ‘respectful’ men, grandmother lies to shield the murderers. Exclusive

The accused of the Badaun murder case were defended by their relatives and neighbours who portrayed them as wonderful people.

Trachea, skull cut, shoulder bone sliced: Postmortem report of Badaun double murder case reveals brutality executed by Sajid on two Hindu children

The post-mortem report in the Ayush and Ahaan murder case in Badaun has been obtained by OpIndia which details how the children were slain mercilessly.

Attempt to kill SDM after his abduction, atrocities against Hindus: Munnan Khan, the killer of kar sevaks, whom The Wire projected as a Messiah

Munnan Khan, who had close ties with the world of crime, primarily operated a brick kiln. A survivor of 1990 firing revealed that Khan had tried to kill the SDM after abducting him.

Babri petitioner Iqbal Ansari ran away from OpIndia’s questions; farmers distributing sweets, ‘Akhilesh Yadav’ decorated Ram Mandap in Ayodhya

In Ayodhya, on Monday (22nd January 2024), the idol of Lord Rama was consecrated in the sanctum sanctorum of his under-construction temple.

Ayodhya ground report: Dargah near Dashrath Samadhi and Hanuman Temple, priest alleges Muslim crowd used to spit at temple gate during SP rule

Sandeep Das, the priest of Raja Dashrath Samadhi Sthal, told OpIndia that while the shrine remained a victim of neglect under governments run by parties like Samajwadi Party (SP), a dargah too was built next to it as part of a well-planned conspiracy.

Nuh anti-Hindu violence, ISIS module of AMU, Haldwani’s Land Jihad and more: Read OpIndia’s top 10 ground reports from 2023

From Nuh anti-Hindu violence to the ISIS module of AMU, to the Haldwani's Land Jihad, OpIndia conducted ground reports on a host of issues that the media normally chooses to either gloss over or distort.

Rahuri Love Jihad Ground Report follow-up: NCPCR notes lapses in police probe, demands CBI inquiry, removal of SP, Addl SP, SHO. Read full details

NCPCR has come up with its final fact-finding report on the Rahuri love jihad case that emerged from Maharashtra's Ahmednagar district in July this year.

Anees and Azad, killed and injured in encounter after attacking female cop, had brainwashed minor Hindu girls: Read the story of their conversion after...

Anees and Azad who had attacked a female cop have a long criminal history and charges like grooming jihad and oppressing Dalits.

‘No one saved Satyam as everyone was afraid of Yusuf’: Read the account of the residents of Turkpurwa near Prayagraj where minor boy was...

Speaking to OpIndia, local residents of Kheeri described Yusuf as a bully and a man who beat people on a daily basis

‘If we hadn’t run away, we would have been burned alive’: Kali temple in Nuh was also attacked, attackers shouted Allahu Akbar, says the...

The priest of the Kali temple in Nuh told OpIndia that on July 31, a mob of more than 500 attacked the temple. They were shouting 'Allahu Akbar'.

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