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Terrorists join ‘toolkit’ gang after AltNews’ Mohammad Zubair triggers Islamists globally over Nupur Sharma’s remarks on Prophet Muhammad

What Nupur Sharma said was not said for the first time in history, but the kind of reaction it has been getting does raise suspicions that there is definitely more to it than what meets the eye.

‘Islamophobia’ does not exist: It’s time to push for this ‘politically incorrect’ reality

Islamists took to streets against Nupur Sharma and any condemnation of the threats given to her was branded as "Islamophobia"

Rangeela Rasool, 295A, partition: History threatens to repeat as demands for a special law to punish ‘gustakh-e-rasool’ grows

Nupur Sharma, the former BJP spokesperson, has been caught in a dangerous storm after she made certain innocuous comments during a TimesNow debate

Viral video of kids urinating on photo of Nupur Sharma: What it tells us about patriarchy and the prevalence of rape culture

Apart from the "crime of blasphemy", Nupur has committed another crime, against patriarchy, to be born a woman in a highly patriarchal society.

Has the disproportionate noise and outrage on Nupur Sharma boomeranged on the Islamists?

While Islamists in India seemed overjoyed that Arabs have come to their support against Nupur Sharma, there are bigger implications of the way this issue has played out.

When the State weakens, men become monsters: How long do we have till effigies turn real?

The effigy is not real, not an actual person. But while we stare at it, thousands of people are running wild all over India, declaring that they want the real Nupur Sharma hanged, beheaded and brutalised.

The harsh realities of facing Islamic threats and radicalism: Why India cannot be France, China, or Israel

Some truths are hurtful. It is human nature to ignore them and pretend they do not exist. In India's case, despite being a progressive nation that is rapidly becoming an economic superpower, there are geopolitical, demographical, social and historical realities that keep holding us back

The slippery slope of blasphemy laws

But if a stringent blasphemy law is needed, so be it, as long as it comes in after judicial reforms. Law that acts arbitrarily is no law.

How the unwarranted hounding of Nupur Sharma would shrink the space for dissent in India 

Islamists are hounding and threatening Nupur Sharma for quoting Islamic Hadiths on Prophet Muhammad.

Many Hindus still think what Nupur Sharma said was ‘unnecessary’: Here is a necessary read for them

On the 5th of June, BJP suspended the now-former spokesperson of the party, Nupur Sharma, after certain Muslim countries started getting irate about certain comments she had made during a debate

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