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Hamid Ansari

‘Hamid Ansari used to help gangster Mukhtar Ansari despite being the Vice President’: BJP MLA Sushil Singh

BJP MLA Sushil Singh told OpIndia that Mukhtar Ansari got at least 100 of his political opponents killed. It is alleged that these murders continued unabated under the patronage of the Samajwadi Party government.

As Mukhtar Ansari is sentenced to life in prison in Congress leader’s murder, here is what he had said about Hamid Ansanri

Mukhtar Ansari and Hamid Ansari are not direct relatives, Mukhtar's father was second cousin of the former VP

Pakistani journalist who came to spy on India now says he had met Manmohan Singh, never met Hamid Ansari

Nusrat Mirza claimed to have met former PM Manmohan Singh, took u-turn on his previous statement that he met former VP Hamid Ansari.

Hamid Ansari says he did not invite Nusrat Mirza to any conference after the event organiser said ex-VP had desired Pak journalist’s presence

Dr Adish Aggarwala, who organised the conference in 2010, said Hamid Ansari desired that Nusrat Mirza be invited to the conference.

Event organiser rubbishes ex-VP Hamid Ansari’s defence over Pakistani journalist Nusrat Mirza controversy: Read details

Aggarwala emphasised that Ansari and Mirza did not attend the Conference on Jurists but instead participated in the "International Conference against Terrorism", which was held at Oberoi Hotel in New Delhi on October 27, 2009, by Jama Masjid United Forum.

Hamid Ansari throws UPA govt under the bus in Pakistani journalist espionage row, says foreign invitees selected by MEA

Hamid Ansari denied claims that he had invited a Pakistani journalist to a conference in 2010, saying MEA decided the invitees

Ex-VP Hamid Ansari being probed for connections to terrorist-linked org, is also accused of putting Islam before India, says India’s top diplomat

India's top diplomat says how ex-Vice President Hamid Ansari's loyalty towards his community and religion far exceeded his loyalty towards the country.

‘Modi bashing turning into India bashing’: Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi slams Hamid Ansari for his rants against Indian democracy

"Religious intolerance is encouraged in India by portraying the religious majority as a political monopoly." said Hamid Ansari

Former VP Hamid Ansari, Swara Bhasker invited to an event co-hosted by Jamaat-e-Islami linked IAMC, which had lobbied to get India blacklisted

Hamid Ansari, Swara Bhaskar, Archbishop Peter Machado & others participating in an event co-hosted by US-based anti-India groups

Ex-VP Hamid Ansari tries to raise the ‘Musalman khatre mein hai’ bogey, gets schooled royally

The penetrating and razor-edged questions posed by Aman Chopra for Hamid Ansari left him bereft of speech.

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