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Ex-VP Hamid Ansari tries to raise the ‘Musalman khatre mein hai’ bogey, gets schooled royally

When the former VP says that he was unable to specify a reason, Aman Chopra interrupts saying that there is actually no concrete reason, which is why Hamid Ansari cannot zero in on any reason.

On Saturday, Former Vice President Hamid Ansari, who can often be spotted in the company of Islamists, got schooled by Zee TV News anchor Aman Chopra when the sympathiser went on his usual rant on how Muslims feel insecure in India.

The ex-VP was on the show to promote his latest book ‘By Many A Happy Accident’. However, Ansari was forced to contend with some tricky questions tossed at him by the Zee News anchor which left the ex-diplomat discomfited.

During the interview, the news anchor brought up Ansari’s last interview before stepping down as the Vice President of India after 10 years of being in office, in which he had said that that there is a feeling of unease and a sense of insecurity among the Muslims in the country, asserting the “ambience of acceptance” is now under threat.

Here, Ansari once again reiterated that there is indeed a “feeling of unease” among Muslims in the nation.

The news anchor questions Ansari whether he too feels the same way as he is also a Muslim. The ex-diplomat is heard refusing and saying that this topic would need a separate debate. However, anchor Aman Chopra is heard coaxing Hamid Ansari. He asks whether the recent Modi government’s decisions revolving around the CAA, triple Talaq, Ram Mandir has compelled the Indian Muslims to feel insecure, as contended by Ansari.

When the former VP says that he was unable to specify a reason, Chopra interrupts saying that there is actually no concrete reason, which is why Ansari cannot zero in on any reason.

The news anchor smartly brings up the topic of lynching asking whether that is one of the reasons why Muslims are insecure. Despite trying his best to choose his words carefully, Hamid Ansari appears to admit that it is a law and order issue.

Aman Chopra can be heard asking, “Sir, lynching is not exclusive to Muslims, even Hindus are lynched, why are they not insecure?” Here, Hamid Ansari, who now appears to be a little enraged, says that he is not sure whether Hindus are lynched or not. Calling Ansari biased, Aman Chopra says he could list a number of Hindus who have been lynched in West Bengal, in Kerala for example over time.

Chopra reiterates that lynching has nothing to do with religion and it is a law and order issue. Ansari, rattled by the badgering, inadvertently declaims that lynching is indeed religiously motivated. When Chopra says “lynching Dharm dekh kar thodi na hota hain” (lynching does not see religion), the piqued ex-VP exclaims “toh kya dekh kar hota hain” (then what is seen when people are lynched), insinuating that since the Hindu nationalist BJP won power in India, lynching of the country’s minorities have surged.

The news anchor admonishes Hamid Ansari by saying that India has given so much to him, he held the post of Vice President of world’s largest democracy for 10 years, but yet, on the last day of his tanure as the Vice-President of the country, he made this misguided remark saying that there is a sense of insecurity and unease among the Muslims in the country.

Aman Chopra’s penetrating and razor-edged questions posed at Hamid Ansari, who was actually there to promote his latest book ‘By Many A Happy Accident’ left him bereft of speech.

This is, however not the first time the former Vice President has raked the ‘Musalman khatre mein hai’ bogey, lamenting that Islam and Muslims in India are ‘under siege’ in Modi’s regime. He has often exhibited his Islamist tendencies, going to an extent of favouring Islamic Sharia courts. Earlier, he had also backed the students of the Aligarh Muslim University for protesting against the removal of the portrait of Pakistan’s founder Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

The full interview of Hamid Ansari can be seen here.

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