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Rajasthan: Tourism minister threatens Hindu seers protesting against illegal mining and stone crushers in Bharatpur

Seers in Rajasthan have intensified their protests against illegal mining and stone crushing in Bharatpur district

Chhattisgarh: Two Muslim men posing as Hindu Sadhus arrested over suspicions of child theft, identity revealed after they failed to recite Gayatri Mantra

The Chhattisgarh police asked the two Muslim men pretending to be Hindu Sadhus to chant Gayatri Mantra, which they could not.

Bihar: Six Muslim men disguised as Sadhus caught begging outside a Hindu temple in Hajipur

These Muslim men spent a couple of days at Harnaut before heading to Hajipur city in Vaishali.

‘Nupur Sharma is daughter of India’: Hindu seers support the former BJP spokesperson, 16 resolutions passed in Dharma Parishad at Kashi

Hindu seers attending Dharma Parishad at Kashi said that India is run by constitution and not by Sharia, and supported Nupur Sharma

Karnataka: Hindu seers watch ‘The Kashmir Files’ in Belagavi, says the movie is attached to emotions of Hindu community

After watching the movie, the Hindu seers in Belagavi in Karnataka requested the people to watch The Kashmir Files

Uttar Pradesh: Dasna temple priest Swami Nareshanand Saraswati stabbed, condition critical

As per reports, the incident took place at around 3:30 am in the morning. The assilants scaled the wall of the temple and entered the premises. Swami Nareshanand Saraswati was sleeping at that point of time.

Despite not wearing a mask herself, transgender Congress councillor thrashes two Hindu Sadhus: Watch

"Where is your mask?" she threatened after seizing the stick from one of the Sadhus. "Put the mask on," she ordered and proceeded to hit a Sadhu with the stick in her hand.

Uttar Pradesh: Temple priest found brutally murdered with his throat slit near Bulanshahr temple, police on alert

Preliminary investigation has revealed that the Sadhu's throat was slit using a sharp weapon.

Police brutally assault Naga Sadhu and beat his private parts with stick, loot cash and belongings in Congress ruled Chhattisgarh

The police in Chhattisgarh seized ₹1.25 lac rupees cash, a mobile phone worth ₹12,000 and silver utensils from the Naga Sadhu.

Rajasthan: Jodhpur court sends notice to Prakash Jha and Bobby Deol for their web series ‘Aashram’. Read why

The web series Aashram was criticised by many for its alleged derogatory portrayal of Hindu sadhus and godmen.

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