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Hindu woman

Madhya Pradesh: Kashan Sheikh repeatedly raped a Hindu woman by threatening to kill her child and recorded the acts, forced her to embrace Islam

Kashan Sheikh threatened to kill the woman's son and routinely raped her while using her images and recordings as leverage to get money.

Navi Mumbai: Hindu woman killed, chopped into pieces and stuffed in a suitcase by lover Nizam after she finds he was already married, had...

A Hindu woman, who was entrapped in a love affair, was brutally murdered by one Nizam Khan, after she found he was already married and had a child.

Karnataka: Police arrest Sadiq and Adil for justifying Neha’s murder by Fayaz by calling it ‘Justice for Love’

Hubballi-Dharawad police arrested two men identified as Sadiq Imam Saab Tadakoda and Adil for justifying Fayaz stabbing Neha to death in Hubballi

Australia: Hindu woman Swastika was de-platformed by Uber for 5 months because of her name, but fought against it and won

Swastika Chandra grew up in Fiji where her name was common among the Pacific nation's large Indian community.

Madhya Pradesh: Ayan Pathan rapes Hindu woman, brutally assaults and tortures her for property, arrested

The victim added that the accused abused her by using a leather belt and iron instrument and that he also poured salt and chili powder into her wounds.

Dehradun: Rahman posing as Aman threatens to throw acid on married woman for refusing his advances, had forced her to meet him by threatening...

The victim in Dehradun and her husband were issued death threats by Rahman after he had an altercation with him.

Ekta’s brutal murder by stabbing in the neck by ‘boyfriend’ Anas Qureshi: They used to sometimes stay together, were in a relationship, brother Rohit...

Hindu woman Ekta was in a relationship with Muslim man Anas Qureshi. He stabbed Ekta multiple times in her neck with a sharp weapon during early hours of 6th April at her house.

Punjab: Anas Qureshi kills 27-year-old friend Ekta by stabbing her in neck multiple times, gets critically injured in an accident while escaping in victim’s...

Anas Qureshi and Ekta met at the company where the victim worked. They were in a relationship for over four years.

West Bengal: Amidst Sandeshkhali protests, half-naked body of a woman found in Malda; family suspects rape and murder

Repeated incidents of rape and atrocities on women have become a matter of concern in West Bengal

Lucknow: Syed Abdul Alim Jafri identified himself as Nihal, drugged and sexually assaulted a married Hindu woman, forced her to convert to Islam and...

Abdul Alim was apprehended after he raped and sexually abused a married Hindu woman and tried to change her religion.

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