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Opposition parties are using an age-old litmus test – push the Hindu community because they won’t react anyway – but here is why this...

The Hindu and cultural resurgence is almost complete, thanks to the opposition delivering self goals - and BJP will be the biggest beneficiary

Hyderabad: Namaz offering crowd swells into violent mob, attacks Scheduled Caste Hindu women with sticks for celebrating Holi near mosque

3 Hindus were injured in the attack by Islamists who turned violent against Holi celebrations

Coimbatore: Students dressed as Hindu deities and in saffron attend PM Modi’s roadshow, police books management of 3 schools over their presence

Management of three schools in Coimbatore over booked by police over presence of students in PM Modi's roadshow.

Hindu kids murdered in Badaun had participated in Luv-Kush play in their school, their teacher likens Sajid and Javed to ‘mad dogs’ that deserve...

Two Hindu children were brutally hacked to death by Sajid and Javed in UP's Badaun, sending shockwaves across the country.

‘I don’t believe that a Muslim killed them’; Sajid slits throats of Hindu minors in Badaun, Islamists and liberals on social media call it...

Islamists and liberals are trying to prove that there was an old dispute between Sajid-Javed and the families of the deceased children in Badaun and that police killed Sajid because he was a Muslim.

How Khalistanis spread a corrupted version of partition to separate Punjab from its Hindu identity and further their agenda of geographical separation

Khalistanis don't want people to think that partition was India's loss, they don't think it was a loss for Hindus; they peddle the narrative that Punjab sacrificed land and life so naturally, for them, Sikhs sacrificed land and life and hence Sikhs, as per Khalistanis, have a divine right to a separate state carved out of India.

NYT blames Ram Mandir, Hindus after Islamists go on a rampage over the demolition of a madrasa and mosque built on encroached lands in...

The New York Times recently published a prejudiced report shielding Islamists and blaming Hindus for Haldwani violence.

Islamists post cropped video of Maulana Azhari, skipping part where he threatens “kafirs”, blame Hindus instead for targeting him with edited video

Several Islamists have shared clipped video of Maulana Mufti Salman Azhari to shield him for his hate speech against Hindus.

‘Not every stone on the roadside can be a religious idol’: Madras HC rules as petitioner claims a ‘stone’ at the entrance of his...

Justice Venkatesh asserted that it would be impossible for a court to decide whether the stone had been uplifted to the status of an idol.

Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams to establish platform for non-Hindus to adopt Sanatan Dharma, to prevent religious conversion

Reddy said that this platform would be the first of its kind in the country and that the temple would become the place for people to declare their faith in Hinduism.

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