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Hindu diaspora under attack: The rising trends of global Hinduphobia, attacks by Islamists and propaganda

Recent instances of targeted hate crimes against the Hindu community and its temples by Khalistani and Islamic radicals in Canada, the USA and the UK point towards the worrying trends of rising Hinduphobia

How Mulayam Singh Yadav’s caste politics and Muslim appeasement could stop BJP’s rise in UP, but couldn’t erase Hindutva

With the death of Mulayam Singh Yadav, here is an excerpt from Sanghi Who Never Went to Shakha, explaining how caste politics could not erase Hindutva

‘Can’t criticize Islam in Kerala’: Author C Ravichandran on being called Sanghi, says he has been criticising Sangh and Hindutva for a long time

C Ravichandran said that he has been criticising Sangh and Hindutva for a long time, but he was called Sanghi for criticising Islam

From the US to UP, Hindus are awakening: Of hope and caution because the task for our generation is cut out

Yogi Adityanath embodied not just the spiritual prowess of Hindu Dharma but also gave hope to the depressed Hindu Samaj

CM Eknath Shinde narrates the ‘worst’ 2.5 years with MVA, says ‘Shiv Sainiks could not speak about Hindutva, Veer Savarkar’

EM Eknath Shinde said that Congress during the period of 2.5 years had insulted Veer Savarkar but they could not speak anything against Congress as Shiv Sena was in alliance with the party.

As Uddhav Thackeray renamed Aurangabad and Osmanabad before resigning, here is how Congress and NCP flipped-flopped on the issue for over 2.5 years

While Congress and NCP leaders say they agree with MVA govt renaming Aurangabad, there are dissents in the parties over it

From ‘hospital in place of Ram Mandir’ to wearing Hindu identity on sleeve: Hindutva as response to Left Liberal and deep Nehruvian State

Hindutva essentially means “Hindu + Tattva” which roughly translates as “soul and existence of Hinduism”. In today’s time we consider Hindutva as Hinduism which resists.

‘For us, Hindutva is paramount, and we won’t compromise on it’: Eknath Shinde reportedly proposes to return to Shiv Sena if it allies with...

Eknath Shinde and other MLAs reportedly stated that Hindutva was paramount to them and that they would not compromise on it.

Mobocracy makes democracy bend to its will, the State bends down to accommodate the most violent, most vocal group

The police arrested Kamlesh Tiwari's murderers and the law is taking its own course in this case as well. But what course did the law take about the 'Sar Tan Se Juda' mob? Did it take any action against it? No. It did not. This again underlines that the mob is more powerful than the State.

Here is what happens when a millennial Bengali, raised in a Communist family, reads “How I Became a Hindu” by Sita Ram Goel

I just finished reading my first Sita Ram Goel book, the famous 'How I Became A Hindu' with its original chapters written in 1982 and the last chapter specifically on the “Nightmare of Nehruism” added by Goel in 1993

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