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The Non Practicing Hindu

Unlike other religions, Hindu religion does not have a central holy book, a central deity, and definite set of rules to follow

Maharashtra: Urdu posters at Shiv Sena (Uddhav Thackeray faction) rally in Malegaon stoke controversy, here is what happened

Urdu posters and banners used in Shiv Sena (Uddhav Balasaheb Thackeray) rally in Malegaon town in the Nashik District

Meet US politician Ro Khanna, member of Congressional Pakistani Caucus, trying to interfere in India’s internal politics

Ro Khanna joined the Pakistan Congressional Caucus in August 2019, and currently vice chair of it, he is also member of the India Caucus

Kannada actor and ‘activist’ Chetan Kumar Ahimsa arrested for objectionable tweet against Lord Rama and Hindutva

The arrest of Chetan Kumar has sparked a heated debate on social media, with many people expressing their opinion that the actor should be held accountable for his actions and that he should be punished for his derogatory remarks.

Amazon de-platforms book ‘Modi and Me’ by author Saurav Dutt, cites ‘Hindutva themed literature’ as the reason, Amazon denies

Amazon de-platformed book on PM Modi calling it "Hindutva themed literature," author Saurav Dutt shares

‘Congress leaders never went to Kaala Paani’: Historian Vikram Sampath speaks about Savarkar, Indian history, Hindutva and more on ‘The Ranveer Show’

Vikram Sampath made special mention of a petition wherein Veer Savarkar sought the freedom of every other political prisoner in Cellular Jail in exchange of his own continued incarceration.

Islamist organisation IAMC attacks Lieutenant Governor of Maryland for “promoting Hindutva” as she takes oath on Bhagwad Gita

The radical Islamist outfit Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC) got irked by Aruna's decision to take oath on a copy of Bhagwad Gita.

‘Tapasvi vs Pujari’ comment by Rahul Gandhi is signalling to his secular-liberal ecosystem: This is how

This is a country of Tapasvi, not Pujaris – is the latest gem from Rahul Gandhi, who is being relaunched for the umpteenth time by his party and a friendly ecosystem.

Savarkar was a fierce patriot, a freedom fighter and a major social reformer: Home Minister Amit Shah

Amit Shah stated that Savarkar spent his entire life fighting for his country.

‘Influencers had spread false narrative’: Report by UK think tank says Hindutva or RSS extremism was not behind Leicester violence

Report by Henry Jackson Society denies any possible involvement of Hindutva or RSS extremism in Leicester violence

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