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Former husband of Swati Maliwal says there is a threat to her life, says she was attacked at Kejriwal’s residence as part of a...

In a video message on X, former husband of Swati Maliwal said her life may be in danger and the attack against her at Kejriwal's residence was a part of a bigger conspiracy.

Hindu husband’s throat slit, nine-month-pregnant wife stabbed to death: Shafique sentenced to life imprisonment for killing sister who converted to Hinduism, her husband

A district sessions court in Thane awarded Shafique life sentence for killing his nine-month pregnant sister and her Hindu husband.

Husband duty-bound to provide maintenance to wife even if he has no income; can earn Rs 350-400 as unskilled labourer: Allahabad HC

The Allahabad HC said that a husband bears the duty of providing maintenance to his wife even if he has no income from his job.

Gujarat: Woman gets husband arrested 7 times in less than 10 years in Mehsana, then bails him out every time

A woman got her husband arrested for domestic violence seven times in less than 10 years, and secured his bail every time

Jharkhand: Zulekha kills her husband named ‘Muslim’ with the help of lover-turned-son-in-law Nazir, both arrested

Zulekha and her son-in-law Nazir murdered her husband Muslim with an axe in order to continue their extramarital affair.

The devastating flood of Kedarnath and Vijendra Singh Rathore’s 19-month long quest to find his wife

Vijendra Singh Rathore's wife Leela was lost in Kedarnath floods, he kept looking for her and found her after 19 months

J and K domicile rules amended: Spouses of women who married outside of the UT can now get domicile certificate

Spouses of Jammu and Kashmir women who married outside the UT will now be eligible for domicile certificate. Government removes earlier discriminatory provisions.

Suspecting wife’s extra-marital affair, man sews her genitals with aluminium wire in Uttar Pradesh

The accused, who worked as a driver, had suspected that his wife was cheating on him. He asked his wife to prove her loyalty with a fidelity test.

Hindu man mistaken for Muslim buried in Saudi Arabia, wife approaches Delhi HC seeking repatriation of mortal remains

The Delhi High Court slammed the MEA for failing the take up the matter with Saudi Arabia, and asked them to file reply in two days

Bizarre! Muslim woman invokes triple talaq law against husband who married a Hindu woman after converting to Hinduism

The man had allegedly given triple talaq to his Muslim wife three years ago and had converted to Hinduism and married a Hindu.

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