Thursday, July 7, 2022


Ilhan Omar

Shaitan ki behen and ‘Qaafir’: US lawmaker Ilhan Omar faces attacks from Islamists on Social Media for celebrating ‘Pride Month’

US lawmaker Ilhan Omar was called Shaitan ke Behen and Qaafir for supporting LGBTQ community

Who is Ilhan Omar, the controversial US Congresswoman who tried to legitimize Pakistan’s control over occupied Kashmir

For years now, Omar has indulged in propagating anti-India narratives, especially targeting the Narendra Modi government

India lashes out at Ilhan Omar, Biden official says her PoK visit was ‘unofficial, personal’, does not represent US government policy: Details

Omar visited PoK and met its President Sultan Mahmood Chaudhry. She discussed the alleged violation of human rights in J&K and assured about discussing the issue in the United States

MEA condemns US Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s visit to PoK, says her ‘narrow-minded politics’ violated India’s territorial integrity, sovereignty

Somalia-born radical Islamist Ilhan Omar visited Pakistan occupied Kashmir, and met its 'President' Sultan Mahmood Chaudhry

Ex-Amnesty India head Aakar Patel roots for American interference after Ilhan Omar repeats her Anti-Modi rhetoric again

Aakar Patel thanked Ilhan Omar after she repeated her Muslim Human rights narrative against India and Modi govt

Bill to combat ‘Islamophobia’ introduced in the US House of Representatives by Ilhan Omar. Here is why

Vote on Ilhan Omar's bill on Islamophobia to take place in US House of Representatives after comments against her by Lauren Boebert

Islamists are now co-opting ‘wokeism’ of leftists to promote radicalism under the insidious concept of ‘Dawa’: Ayaan Hirsi Ali

In her article published in The Unherd, Ayaan Hirsi Ali points out the threat presented by the nexus between the leftists and Islamists.

Donald Trump raises concerns over voter fraud in mail-in ballots, Twitter, like Democrats, insists they are ‘safe’

Trump has been raising concerns over the reliability of the mail-in ballot system amidst incidents of alleged voter fraud. However, Twitter, like the Democrats, insists they are safe.

US House Foreign Affair’s Committee Hearing: Democratic Party’s opposition to India was only public posturing and impotent rage

The US House Foreign Affair's Committee Hearing on South Asia Human Rights turned into an elaborate exercise on genocide denial.

US House Hearing Committee: An exercise in genocide denial and how ‘Kashmiri Hindus’ contributed to the disgrace

The US House Foreign Affair's Committee Hearing on South Asia Human Rights turned out to be an exercise in genocide denial.

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