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The tweet was posted in a thread where Sharma was discussing her recent Ground Report from Agra's Mantola. Sharma had reported how Hindus, who are in the minority in the area, "lack in resources and live in fear."
The slaughterhouse is reportedly built on agricultural land and does not have a No-Objection certificate.
The Bench instructed the authorities to take action against the offenders, even if no one files an FIR against them
27 people have been named in the FIR lodged after the Bulandshahar violence, 60 unnamed people have also been mentioned.
The police has also lodged two separate FIRs in the current case, one against the alleged cattle slaughter and another against the protests which followed.
It is claimed that the Police was forced to open fire after the protesters attacked them with stones in Bulandshahar. In the chaos, Inspector Subodh Kumar Singh and youth Sumit lost their life.
The BMC has been granting online permissions for goat slaughter without any verification
Perhaps you have lived in big cities for too long to understand the problems faced by common people in small cities
Charanjeet Pahwa has been demanding the closure and shifting of illegal meat shops in the Hindu pilgrimage site of Haridwar
A comparative analysis of liquor ban in Bihar and illegal slaughterhouse shutdown in Uttar Pradesh
Misplaced and prejudiced priorities of the mainstream Indian media was never so obvious.
Beyond the 'liberal' outrage, what do ban on illegal slaughterhouses and anti-romeo squads mean for UP residents?
Illegal slaughterhouses are not just about not having a few government documents.
A lot has been written about how fringe is becoming mainstream, another view.
How the same story can be told in two different ways
The joint was just temporary closed on Wednesday and is now open
We find out as to what's the deal with media's exuberance in reporting about slaughterhouses

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