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Walmart’s strategic pivot: Embracing India for a diversified supply chain and cost-efficient procurements while cutting imports from China

Walmart steadily increasing its reliance on India for imports to the US while cutting procurements from China

Yemen: Islamist group ‘Houthis’ ban imports from Sweden after man burns Quran outside masjid on Eid

"Yemen is the first Islamic country to ban imports of Swedish goods after its violations and desecration of Muslims' holiest," Houthi trade minister said.

India saved at least USD 7 billion in foreign exchange in 14 months by importing discounted Russian crude oil

Indiam refiners saved over USD 7 billion in foreign exchange by increasing crude oil imports from Russia

TMC divided over anti-dumping duty on newsprint, two Trinamool MPs write to PM Modi opposing and supporting the measure

TMC Rajya Sabha MP Nadimul Haque opposes anti-dumping duty on newsprint, party's Lok Sabha MP Saugata Roy supports it

Vietnam to buy 70,000 tonnes of rice from India after decades. Here is why

If such trends continue, countries which traditionally import rice from Thailand and Vietnam might eventually turn towards India.

In a blow to Kejriwal’s fearmongering, onion prices drop by 60% across the country: Details

As an example of the ill effects of hoarding, Arvond Kejriwal cited the rise in onion prices across the country..

Ladakh standoff: India Inc steps up for India, industrialists rise to the occasion to move forward on path of self-reliance

Industrialists like Anand Mahindra, Parth Jindal have come forward and taken a vow to help take India further on the path of self-reliance.

Modi govt to draw list of countries to replace China in supplying critical components that cannot be manufactured locally

The Modi government has understood that the dependence on cheap Chinese imports cannot be substituted in a short span of time and thus looking for alternative markets such as South Korea, Japan, Taiwan for imports of certain products.

Union govt makes it mandatory for sellers to mention of ‘Country of Origin’ of products in Government e-Marketplace

The platform has also enabled a provision for indicating the percentage of local content in products in order to promote local goods.

China agrees to increase imports from India this year, announces Suresh Prabhu

The Indian government announced that trade relations between India and China will increase this year, in 2018.

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