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Indian Rupee stable while Chinese Yuan is falling: A feather in Modi government’s cap to keep currency stable in pre-election year

The Indian rupee (INR, ₹) held steady against the U.S. dollar in 2023, depreciating just 0.5% to end the year at 83.17 per USD. Notably, the Chinese yuan and the Korean won, currencies of current account surplus nations, depreciated by nearly 3%.

Singer Mika Singh thanks PM Modi for being able to use Indian currency at Doha airport, here is how it shows INR getting stronger

The RBI has recently allowed banks from 18 countries to use Indian currency for payments.

Indian media spreads fake news that Indian Rupee was the worst-performing Asian currency in 2022, here is the truth

Indian media houses spread fake news claiming that Indian Rupee has ended the year as the worst-performing Asian currency

Fact check: Fake tweet attributed to Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Rupee vs Dollar debate goes viral

The satirical tweet took potshots at Nirmala Sitharaman based on another misleading claim attributed to her about rising onion prices.

‘Laxmicoin’, ‘DigiLaxmi’: Netizens get creative to find possible name for India’s digital currency

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced digital Indian currency that the Reserve Bank of India will issue starting April 1 this year.

Far-left and Congress trolls display ignorance while targeting PM Modi, misinterpret data to claim Rupee weakening against Bangladeshi Taka

As the value of 1 Rupee is equal to 1.16 Bangladeshi Taka, trolls assumed Rupee is weak against Taka and targeted PM Modi

What they never told you when they said India was the worst performing emerging economy

India’s economy contracted by 23.9%. For comparison, Brazil’s GDP contracted by 11.9% and Russia’s GDP by 8%. So, did they really do better than India?

Congress’ Randeep Surjewala caught spreading fake news that Indian Rupee is weaker than Bangladeshi Taka, deletes tweet

The Indian Rupee has certainly taken a hit in the recent days but it has never gone down below the Bangladeshi Taka.

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