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Jaydeep Kavade, the son of the local MLA of People's Republican Party, a strong ally of the Congress (I) and the Nationalist Congress Party, got to the podium and used filthy language to insult Union Minister Smriti Irani
Andhra Pradesh CM Chandrababu Naidu called Prime Minister Modi a 'hardcore extremist' and his appeal to minority communities to not vote for Modi.
Mrinal Pande, National Herald's group editor, was called out for her callous attitude towards the culture of Arunachal.
This is not the first time a Congress leader has insulted Bihar and Biharis
Sirsa urged Sikh people and parliamentarians in Canada to initiate criminal proceedings against Amazon
A complaint has been filed bu the cops have not yet filed an FIR
Hinduphobic 'comrades' celebrates murder of a journalist.
Unfortunate that an armyman would share misleading images of martyrs for a political point.
How I was subjected to hate and mockery just because I shared a picture with my cow.
He referred to Goddess Durga as "sexy prostitute".
The language you use, the tone you employ, says a lot about you rather than those whom you are talking about.
Delhi government has often blamed the bureaucrats whenever an issue of governance is raised.
NDTV and Firstpost were the first to exploit a soldier's death
Kejriwal is being accused of insulting Hindus and Lord Hanuman

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