Topic: intellectual mafia

On the 1st of April, this year about 200 Lutyens’ celebrity writers published an open letter appealing to the people of India to “vote out hate politics, in other words, vote out PM Modi
Manish Tewari tweeted that 'Anti-Brahminism' is the reality of Indian politics.
Anti-Brahmin bigotry is quite acceptable in Indian intellectual circles.
The Maoist sponsored human rights organisations only espouse the cause of separatism and violence, he wrote
The moment you take away their ability to insult with pejoratives, they don't have a word to say. That is when you win!
He also criticized 'Indian thought leaders' who create a false image about India in the West.
There are many lessons here that we must imbibe in order to avoid becoming like the caterpillar.
Any regulation that can just as easily morph into a tool of censorship must be opposed
An intellectually dishonest 'historian' couldn't write any better

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