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international yoga day

Journalist gets threats from Islamists after reporting on how some Madarsas refused to celebrate International Yoga Day even after circular from State: Details

Founder of online news channel Headlines India Naveen Chauhan said in a Facebook post that he has been getting threats since the channel published an expose on a madrasa in Uttar Pradesh.

PM Modi-led International Yoga Day celebration at UN headquarters create a Guinness World Record

Under PM Modi's leadership, the International day of Yoga celebration at UN headquarters create Guinness World Record for most nationalities present at one place.

Global business of Yoga grows to Rs 8 lakh crores as it thrives around the world, artisans and tribal women making careers, 48000 centres...

Awareness regarding the physical and mental benefits of Yoga has skyrocketed among Indian youngsters and the elderly

‘Yoga is shirk’, ‘not allowed in Islam’: Islamists on Twitter ask Muslims not to practice Yoga, deride the ancient Hindu practice

Apart from disrupting the Yoga day event in Maldives, Islamists from the country could be seen on Twitter flagging the event as 'anti-Muslim'.

Watch: Islamists disrupt Yoga Day celebrations organised by Indian Govt, President Solih says probe initiated

Islamists disrupted Yoga Day celebrations in Maldives, probe initiated.

Congress plays by Greta Thunberg toolkit, undermines Yoga to attack the Modi government

Senior Congress leaders, including Rahul Gandhi, followed the Greta Thunberg toolkit to belittle Yoga and attack the Modi government.

How Venkatesh Prasad is winning hearts with his ‘Sanghi’ posts, one tweet at a time

Venkatesh Prasad demonstrated the Surya Namaskar for his followers, performed in deference to the Sun God.

International Yoga Day: How ‘a way of life’ argument is used to peddle ‘Yoga is not Hindu’ propaganda

On International Yoga Day, motivated individuals attempted to appropriate Yoga and disassociate it from Hinduism.

Watch: ITBP personnel perform ‘Surya Namaskar’ at an altitude of 18000 ft in Ladakh on 7th International Yoga Day

The ITBP shared other videos too where personnel are seen practising various Yoga asanas with great discipline at the whopping altitude of 18000 ft

International Yoga Day: PM Modi launches M-Yoga app, emphasises the importance of Yoga during the Coronavirus pandemic

7th edition of International Yoga Day celebrated across the world. The theme for this year is Yoga for Wellness.

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