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Ram Mandir inauguration: ISKCON Ayodhya to offer free lunch prasad for 5000 pilgrims daily, ghee Diyas to be lit in all their temples

ISCKON has decided to undertake a 'Padyatra' from Delhi to Ayodhya which would be completed by the Ram devotees in around 41 days. Spokesperson of ISKCON also said that on the day of the inauguration of the iconic Ram Temple, luminous ghee diyas will be lit in all the ISCKON temples across India.

ISKCON sends ₹100 crore defamation notice to BJP MP Maneka Gandhi over her ‘ISKCON sells non-dairy cows to butchers’ comment

ISKCON issued a statement describing the accusations as "unfounded" and expressed its "deep pain" at the "defamatory, slanderous, and malicious accusations" made by the BJP leader.

‘False and unsubstantiated’: ISKCON refutes Maneka Gandhi’s allegations of selling cows to butchers

In another tweet, ISKCON’s national spokesperson Das included a letter from a Veterinary doctor to highlight that even at their Anantapur Goshala, they serve many bulls and non-milking cows, refuting Gandhi’s allegations against the particular Goshala.

‘Vivekananda ate fish, how can he be a divine person’: As ISKCON suspends monk Amogh Lila Das over controversial comments, read how Swami is...

ISKCON Monk Amogh Lila Das banned for one month for his derogatory remarks against Swami Vivekananda and Ramakrishna Paramhansa

Pakistani social media influencer Shayan Ali announces his “Ghar Wapsi”, says Lord Krishna held his hand when Pakistani agencies tortured him

Pakistani actor and social media influencer Shayan Ali announced that he has left Islam and embraced Hindu Dharma.

Australia: ISKCON temple desecrated with slogans of ‘Khalistan Zindabad’, third attack in two weeks

The temple walls were defaced with anti-India slogans of 'Khalistan Zindabad' and 'Hindustan Murdabad.'

Watch: ISKCON Dwarka VP Amogh Lila Das mocks Christian missionary tactics, highlights their cheap tricks and allurement to convert the poor

"We don't force people and use such cheap tactics to convert people to Sanatana Dharma. We inspire them, educate them and we have answers to all their questions," Amogh Lila Das spoke on what sets Hindu sects apart

OpIndia Exclusive: Bangladesh ISKCON seer rubbishes claims of ‘temple not damaged’, asks whether attack on masjid wall will not be regarded as attack on...

Bangladesh ISKCON seer said that attack on temple wall and godown is attack on temple, as they are part of the temple

OpIndia Exclusive: ISKCON temple desecrated by Islamist mob in Bangladesh, idols vandalised and looted. Here is what we know so far

"We are indebted to you for covering our story. If we don't get media support, then, it will be impossible for Hindus in Bangladesh to even survive," a temple official told Opindia.

Watch: Ukrainian soldier chants Hindu mantras for strength as he prepares to defend Kyiv against Russian attacks

Andre, a Ukrainian soldier, chants Hindu shlokas every day without a miss to attain more strength as he prepares himself to defend Kyiv against the Russian attacks in the ongoing war.

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