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The ‘right’ and ‘left’ of sexual harassment victims and perpetrators in India

For 'Sanghis' abuse is abuse, for 'liberals', 'Sanghis' deserve it for 'being fascist enablers'.

A Twitter thread by one Dr Nicole Bedera of University of Michigan has been going viral on social media where she talks about her study of victims as well as perpetrators and their political leanings. The Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial was the trigger which got her to write about her observations on the same.

She claimed how the perpetrators do not quite pick victims based on their political beliefs, but within victims, the ones who were conservative were more likely to tell her not to believe the ‘other’ women. To put it crudely, the ‘conservative’ in America is the ‘right’ or ‘Sanghi’ equivalent for India.

She then ‘observed’ that these women (conservatives, i.e. American ‘Sanghans’), express their anger towards other women who speak up because it ‘ruins their own credibility’.

Interesting observation. Since in India, it is quite the other way round. You see, during the peak of #MeToo movement in India back in 2018, we saw a lot of ‘liberal’ women, who identify themselves as ‘feminists’ and claim to be fighting for women’s rights, were actually at the forefront of defending men accused of sexual harassment.

In October 2017, a damning list of academics in Indian institutes was put up on Facebook by a student, where she had accused the professors mentioned in the list of engaging in sexual harassment. At that time, champion of naming and shaming sexual harassers, the Leftists cabal had taken it upon themselves to prove how this naming and shaming was ‘blackening faces’ and they were uneasy with the name and shame list. 

The statement was signed by 12 self proclaimed feminists including Ayesha Kidwai, the Leftist professor from JNU, who believes she is a parallel judiciary by leading a public inquiry against the Vice-Chancellor of JNU, Nivedita Menon, who believes Kashmir is not an integral part of India, Vrinda Grover, the advocate who rallied to save terrorist Yakub Memon and Kavita Krishnan, pro-Naxal ideologue activist who tried to pass off Diwali as a non-religious festival.

Professors, politicians, lawyers – they all had come together to not ‘name and shame’ the accused – because they all were from non-right political ideology. In fact, a girl, who was allegedly raped by a lawyer, who was fighting the case of Kathua rape and murder victim, did not raise her voice because she thought calling out a man who raped her would ‘damage the bigger cause’. That is how deep the rot is in the ‘left-liberal’ side, the crusaders of women’s rights and feminism.

Empathising with men accused of abuse

Dr Bedera then in her thread then talks about how the ‘conservative’ women like to take side of accused/perpetrator because they want to ‘appear cool’. Or how the woman would defend her rape accused son even if she knows he’s a rapist.

Amusingly, in India, the same is being played out as well, except here it is not ‘conservative’ or ‘Sanghans’ who do it, but the ‘liberal-left-feminist’ women who stand by their rape, sexual harassment accused men.

When Veteran journalist Vinod Dua was accused of sexual harassment, his daughter, ‘comedian’ and Bollywood entertainer Mallika Dua had rallied behind him. In her statement, soon after the allegations rose, addressed to the victim, Mallika Dua reiterated that she supported #MeToo movement but rued the fact that the victim had “dragged her name” in a controversy involving her father.

After expressing displeasure with the victim naming her, Mallika Dua went on to abuse people who were asking her to speak up. She termed these people as ‘bhakts’ and ‘RW trolls’ and asked them to ‘f*ck off’. She reiterated that she stands by the #MeToo movement. ‘Bhakts’ and ‘RW trolls’, to put it mildly, are the ‘conservative’ equivalent for India. A liberal, feminist woman abusing ‘bhakts’ because a woman (who was not really a ‘bhakt’ herself by a long stretch of imagination) had accused her father of sexual harassment.

She ended her statement by saying that she stood by her father in this battle. Eventually, the left propaganda website The Wire, where Vinod Dua was then employed, disbanded the probe committee set up to look into the allegations of sexual harassment against Dua after he refused to face the woman.

A year later, Mallika Dua engaged in victim shaming. She took digs at the woman who had accused her father of sexual harassment. Vinod Dua passed away last year without really facing any ramifications of the allegations of sexual harassment against him.

Like Dua, another feminist-liberal filmmaker Nandita Das has also stood by her father, Jatin Das, accused of sexual harassment. Noted Conservationist Nisha Bora had accused Jatin Das of grabbing her and forcefully kissing her during a dinner in 2004. When the allegations surfaced, many questioned the silence of Nandita Das, who had earlier issued a statement to take a firm stand against sexual harassment and not to work with those people who are accused of sexual misconduct against women.

However, when her own father was accused of sexual harassment, she said that one should be sure about these allegations to make sure that the ‘movement’ is not diluted. She stayed clear from criticizing her father for his alleged sexual conduct but instead stands by him terming it as ‘allegations just to dilute the movement’.

Sanghis deserve it

We have only spoken about the perpetrators and women around them. But what about the victims. Well, when a non-left woman alleges abuse, harassment, in India, the allegations are either almost always dismissed by the self-proclaimed champions of women’s rights or they justify them as ‘they deserve it’.

Women on the non-left have been on receiving end of online abuse and rape and death threats and even victims of rape and abuse. But their voices are almost always ignored by the mainstream media. Politicians like Smriti Irani have been a target of sexist slurs, mockery by the opposition leaders as well as ‘journalists’ and the attacks have only increased after she defeated the clown crown prince Rahul Gandhi in Amethi.

Rarely you will see the ‘feminists’ stand up for Irani and raise their voice against the casually sexist remarks against her. Smriti Irani totally deserves the abuse coming her way because she’s a ‘Sanghan’. This is how the left-liberals dehumanise the ‘right’ in India.

In all likelihood, this article will be mocked at by the left cabal as well, because for them, ‘Sanghis’ cannot raise voice against women’s sexual abuse because only they have monopoly on it. That is where the problem lies. For ‘Sanghis’ abuse is abuse, for ‘liberals’, ‘Sanghis’ deserve it for ‘being fascist enablers’.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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