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khalistani terrorists

Mother of Khalistani Amritpal Singh arrested ahead of protest march demanding that the separatist be shifted from Assam jail to Punjab

Balwinder Kaur and relatives of nine of the associates lodged in Dibrugarh Central Jail with Amritpal Singh have been on hunger strike since 22nd February near Harmandir Sahib, Amritsar.

Modi govt declares Babbar Khalsa’s Lakhbir Singh Landa, who planned rocket attack on Punjab police in 2021, as ‘terrorist’: Details

Landa and his co-terrorists have been conspiring to disrupt the peace, law and order in Punjab by carrying out targeted killings, extortions and other anti-national activities in different parts of India.

US: Khalistanis deface Hindu temple with pro-Khalistan slogans in Newark, California

Similar attacks have taken place in the past, both in the United States and its neighbouring Canada, wherein Hindu temples have been attacked, vandalised and defaced with derogatory graffiti.

Pannun kill plot: US govt confirms they are not just sheltering but actively protecting Khalistani terrorists and allowing them to threaten India

US accused India of plotting assassination of Khalistani terrorist Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, and revealed that they have significant amount of resources dedicated to protecting Pannun.

Did this pro-Khalistani ‘feminist’ compare herself and other Khalistanis to Hamas? Here is what Harsha Walia said at a pro-Palestinian rally

So-called activist Harsha Walia drew parallels between Hamas and Khalistani terrorists at a pro-Palestine rally in Vancouver.

Sikh man who housed Khalistani terrorists allowed asylum in Canada despite objections by border service authorities

Moreover, Kamaljit Ram claimed in his interviews with CBSA that he did not voluntarily house the armed Khalistani terrorists but did it out of fear.

SGPC objects to Tavleen Singh saying Guru Govind Singh was a Hindu: How both parties are trying to whitewash the Khalistani threat in their...

While SGPC objected to Tavleen Singh's op-ed and called for an apology, both of them whitewashed Khalistani movement and threats it poses.

Meet Gunther Fehlinger, who is taken seriously by Khalistanis & supports Rahul Gandhi for PM: A one-man ‘organisation’ trying to break countries and expand...

Austrian politician Gunther Fehlinger advised Khalistanis how to carve Khalistan out of India, Khanistanis believe he is NATO official

Pro-Khalistani graffiti found in Dharmashala 3 days ahead of ICC World Cup match

Pro-Khalistan graffiti was found written on the walls outside a government office in Dharamshala, Kangra district, police officials said. 

Canada now wants ‘private talks’ with India, after 41 Canadian diplomats were asked to leave Delhi within a week

Pointing to the increasing influence of India worldwide, Trudeau said that it is "extremely important" that Canada and its allies continue to engage with India.

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