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Watch: Khargone locals chase away Congress delegation, shout ‘Digvijaya Singh Murdabad’ slogans for politicising last month’s anti-Hindu violence

A Congress delegation was chased away by the angry locals that accused the party of politicising the incident and defaming Khargone

‘God-fearing Muslims will wait, fight back, not leave battlefield’: Asaduddin Owaisi suffers a meltdown during speech in Hyderabad’s Mecca Masjid

Owaisi claimed that Muslims were wronged in Khargone and Jahangirpuri, as their houses were demolished

As Hindus get attacked in Jahangirpuri, How ex-bureaucrats write another rant to PM Modi alleging ‘hate against Muslims’

Now in yet another move, over a hundred ex-bureaucrats have written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to condemn the "politics of hate" allegedly practised by state governments under BJP's control.

Madhya Pradesh: Mohsin alias Waseem, who shot Khargone SP during Ram Navami violence, arrested from Kasrawad

According to sources, Mohsin has already been charged with four criminal cases, including the sale of illegal weapons.

3 days, 3 different statements, what exactly happened to Wasim Sheikh’s ‘gumti’ in Khargone

While people were still trying to figure out whether the Khargone administration has or has not demolished his kiosk, Waseem Sheikh took another u-turn

Delhi Minorities Commission chief Zafarul-Islam Khan tries to downplay Hindu victim of Khargone violence

Delhi Minorities Commission chief Zafarul-Islam Khan took to Twitter to claim the Hindu victim of Khargone violence was “unknown”.

Madhya Pradesh govt to rehabilitate Haseena Fakhroo who used govt grant to encroach land, media falsely claimed her house was demolished for stone-pelting

On April 13, OpIndia clarified how, contrary to claims made by various media houses, the house of Haseena Fakhroo was demolished by Khargone administration because it was built illegally using the PMAY grant

‘My statement will be the same, bulldozers will come whenever there are riots’: Madhya Pradesh Home Minister to Barkha Dutt

MP Home Minister gave befitting reply to Barkha Dutt over using bulldozer against rioters.

‘I told him to stay safe but he led mob attack on my family’: Hindu victim of Khargone violence talks about betrayal from his...

The Islamists in Khargone ablazed vehicles with 'Aum' written on them and attacked Hindu residences. Police suspect that the attacks were pre-planned

Khargone Riots: SIT formed to locate missing woman who had left the house to find her children after attack on Ram Navami procession

6 days after a woman went missing during attack on Ram Navami procession in Khargone, SIT formed to find her

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