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Liberal narrative, police statement and convenience to select sides: How attacks on Hindus is ignored under the garb of ‘no communal angle’

Secondly, police have to operate in conditions where tensions and animosity escalate very quickly among the communities. There have been times when they deny communal angle even when it is present only to prevent further unrest in the region where the incident occurred.

Lalu Prasad Yadav appears before ED: How the fodder scam convict’s dark past has been forgotten to hail him as a politician with ‘unyielding...

The Left seems to have their ethical principles rooted not in morality but in political considerations, given their overt support to fodder convict Lalu Prasad Yadav.

Hate for Gujaratis by liberals manifests again as they diss Ahmedabad ‘crowd behaviour’ during World Cup final: The dangerous game for political ends

Following India's loss in the ICC World Cup, social media blamed Gujaratis and left-liberals engaged in divisive rhetoric.

SMaRT, a collaboration of nationalistic media outlets to challenge the monopoly of left-liberal media, launches its website

SMaRT aims to support its members through various initiatives that can help the nationalistic media to challenge the mainstream media

Authors of ‘Delhi Riots’ book to register complaint against Bloomsbury, media house for leaking and propagating copies

Senior advocate Monika Arora, who is one of the authors of the much-anticipated book, will be registering a complaint against Bloomsbury Publishing Ltd and few other media portals for criminal breach of trust and also for receiving, propagating the manuscript of the book, which is yet to be published.

23 incidents of Hindus being lynched, brutally murdered, that have failed to inspire any outrage from the ‘liberal’ ecosystem

Hindus have been murdered brutally and lynched for speaking up, in riots that were specifically anti-Hindu and driven by Islamists and some, just for being Hindus.

Gandhi: An anathema to the ‘left-liberal’ establishment

Whether it is about the Quit India Movement of 1942 or about the New India of 2020, Mahatma Gandhi continues to be an anathema to the Left-Liberal establishment.

Delhi riots and its lessons on Western Ecosystem’s designs for India: Focus on development alone without addressing anti-Hindu, anti-India agenda will be a disaster

India needs to develop a well thought out plan to counter the deceptive and selfish game of the Western eco-system

Bollywood lyricist Hussain Haidry incites violence, urges people to ‘show courage’ and beat up ‘upper caste’ Hindus with ‘chappal’

Hussain Haidry asks people to go to each and every household in their respective colonies and hit all those voting for the BJP with chappals

Actor Sushant Singh continues his delusional tirade, claims CAA will be withdrawn even after refugees have already been granted Indian citizenship under amended Act

The ex-host of the crime based show Savdhaan India, Sushant Singh had earlier claimed of losing his job for speaking the 'truth' against CAA.

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