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The Nupur Sharma fiasco and the Liberals: 9 ways how the Islamo-fascists and their ideological comrades have shot themselves in the foot

I would really love to see a strong, evidenced compilation of all the hate speeches, death threats, tweets and SM postings by godless Stalinist mass butcher leftists, brown-nosed (Tharoor copyright) serfs of corrupt dynasts and Islamo-fascists that run the liberal show in India. Two can play this game.

Dear Liberals,

I would like to congratulate you!

By over-reacting to the Nupur Sharma affair, you have made life much more difficult for yourself for years. Let me list out the consequences of all your actions and inactions over the last few days.

1. You have proved that your “dara hua” slogan is a big lie and was never true. After all, if as you yourself proudly point out, Modi had to bow to the Ummah and sack Nupur, it can no longer be true that our minorities are helpless and cowering in fear. Two billion people are ready to use their collective monetary and other muscles at the drop of a skull cap and a signal from our liberals to intervene on their behalf is no laughing matter.

2. In fact, thanks to your actions, we can logically argue that the concept of majority-minority just does not apply to national borders anymore because, at the first chance, Islamists mark copies of tweets to the US President, State Dept and every Gulf country they can think of.  It is the Hindus that are a minority in this connected world and are left to fend for themselves.

3. Yes, you have made it very clear to all Hindus that they are alone. No country will speak for them, no one will condemn atrocities against them. After all, foreigners don’t owe us a right to life. What is important is that the Indian left – Islamo-fascist continuum that passes for liberals will not lift a finger to help Hindus, even joke about their killings like Kejriwal did. If this does not unite Hindus, please tell me what else will.

4. Most of you have been ignoring, obfuscating even openly lying about death threats issued to Nupur. For example, P B Mehta in his article says “except in Kanpur, the push-back was entirely in the realm of opinion and condemnation”. That this is a blatant, monstrous lie should be obvious to anyone that has objectivity and access to Twitter, FB and watches TV. Hundreds, if not thousands of hate messages, death and rape threats have been issued, on SM as well as on live TV. If someone feigns ignorance and blatantly lies about it, they become accessories to these murderous fanatics. It also tells us not to believe anything they ever say because they are likely lying through their teeth, and filled with anti-Hindu hatred. You have insulted your readers and their common sense through your shameless lies to protect Islamist killers. And everyone knows WHY you do this – because it suits the agenda of Pol Potist left.

5. Modi Government did not act against open hate spread against Hinduism and Lord Shiva by Isalmo-fascists and Stalinist left in liberal masks. That was a big mistake. Now by demanding action against Nupur, you are also forcing the government to act against you! No court in this land is going to say insulting Hindu Gods is fine but not other Gods. Go read the constitution and relevant laws again.

NDTV is complaining that actions vs Nupur is “late”. Well, the government has finally moved against Saba Naqvi, Owaisi & co too, try telling us it is not late! I would not be surprised to see everyone that posted insulting messages about Lord Shiva now dragged to court and asked to pay for their crimes, exactly as you think Nupur should.

In fact, rabid Hindu-hating Islamist Zubair, posing as a “fact-checker” had to go delete his FB account even as his hate-filled tweets and posts about Hindu Gods are now being unearthed. For just one remark by Nupur, be prepared to account for literally thousands of even more venomous hate messages by you and your ilk.

I wish our Foreign Minister would compile a dossier of all anti-Hindu posts by Zubair & co, present it to our esteemed Gulf/Middle East friends, and ask them what should be done about them. I am pretty sure they will advise that it should also be prosecuted, and punishment meted out. After all, they are not hypocrites, unlike Stalinists with forked tongues in liberal masks.

Congratulations! A million complaints from Hindus would not accomplish this. After all, you know that insulting Prophet happens once in a blue moon (thanks to peaceful and democratic ways such things are dealt with) but insulting Hindus and their Gods happens practically every other minute. Be ready to be judged on the same yardstick. In fact, PBM himself sees this coming and his article is trying to tell the liberals to be prepared to be hoisted on their petards.

Looking forward to the fun of watching liberals twist themselves into pretzels, trying to argue that insulting Shiva is kosher but some other religious figure is haram. The more they try, the sillier they will look. And damage their cause even more.

6. You keep demanding that Modi should speak out against “hate”. Be careful what you wish for! Modi also doesn’t speak out against anti-Hindu hate. He rarely condemns death threats to blasphemers or outrages over insults to Lord Shiva. If he starts doing that you will live to regret having asked him. Unless you stop lying and admit insulting Hindus or their way of life is not hate. I know you won’t do this as you want to maintain this farcical façade.

7. Perhaps you have blasphemed against Islam more than Nupur did. After all, don’t you always tell us “Is Hinduism so weak that one person’s words will hurt it?”. Well, go figure. By demanding international action against India and Nupur, what are you saying? And since Nupur was simply quoting authentic sources, you are also declaring that those scriptures are not true. Tell me please, isn’t that blasphemy? To me it is, and you should apologise or even face prosecution.

8. You have helped focus international attention on the medieval laws and practices, fanaticism, and horrendous human rights record of the countries shouting from rooftops about Nupur. You have also seen many in the West letting out a collective yawn that can be heard across the Atlantic and Pacific – after all, they have seen this picture again and again. Fanatics burning cars, destroying property and rioting because “someone said something”. 

Some are openly supporting Nupur. 

Remember, you can kill a few, yes. You liberals killed Charlie Hebdo cartoonists and Kamlesh Tiwari or many others or provided cover fire for the killers through your propaganda. But every such action exposes you for who you really are. And make your words sound that much hollower. And frankly, lead to more cases of insult, not less. 

9. You have made many Hindus angry with Modi and NDA government. Some of you are rejoicing in that. As if you achieved something. Do you think they are going to turn around and vote for Stalinists, Owaisi or dacoit families? No sir! They are going to unite, regroup, demand that laws apply fairly, and Hindus get protection against hate too. And that is going to be something you will regret most – because that is the exact opposite of what you want.

I would really love to see a strong, evidenced compilation of all the hate speeches, death threats, tweets and SM postings by godless Stalinist mass butcher leftists, brown-nosed (Tharoor copyright) serfs of corrupt dynasts and Islamo-fascists that run the liberal show in India. Many of us are busy with our daily lives and its struggles, but this can be crowd-sourced so each one can pitch in. Two can play this game. 

To repeat, this week will be regretted by the Left for years to come. I can see some furious backpedalling underway and expect it to get more furious in the coming days!

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Ganesh R
Ganesh R
Ganesh is a software consultant who has spent the last few decades overseas for work. But he is very much an Indian citizen and deeply connected to India. He likes to share his perspectives and opinions which are based on personal experiences, extensive travel and interaction with various cultures.

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