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Letters between Nehru and Edwina Mountbatten still remain a secret even as some diaries of the last viceroy of India get published for the...

While documents and diaries of Lord Mountbatten till 1960 were released, 1947-48 diaries and letters were withheld.

Pakistani woman appeals to Indian govt to grant travel visa to marry her Indian boyfriend, who she met on Facebook

After waiting for more than a year to meet her partner living in India, Pakistani national Suman Rantilal has appealed to the Modi government

Journalist’s ‘robbed at gunpoint’ story untrue, he invented hoax after dinner with female friend due to ‘family reasons’: Read what Noida Police says

Noida police said Atul Agarwal spent a night in an OYO room after his wife called him up and asked him to come home.

Kerala: Missing for 11 years, Sajitha found living next door with her lover Rehman in a locked room

For 11 years, Kerala woman Sajitha lived just 500 meters away from her parent's house in her lover's house without the knowledge of anyone

Kannada actress Shanaya Katwe and boyfriend Niyaz Ahemed arrested for murdering her brother, had decapitated his head too: Details

Kannada actress by the name of Shanaya Katwe was arrested by the Hubballi Rural police in connection to the gruesome murder of her brother.

Bihar: Mohammad Babul’s wife had an affair with her brother-in-law, planned husband’s murder

"During the interrogation, Ristana confessed to having planned the killing of her husband with Mohammad Chand. It was her adulterous relation, which led to Mohammad Babul’s murder,” said Purnia SP Daya Shankar.

Pakistani university expels 2 students after video of girl proposing boy and hugging each other inside the campus went viral

Hadiqa Javaid and Shehryar Ahmad were expelled by Lahore University for publicly hugging inside the campus

Ahmedabad: Autodriver Sarfuddin who ‘saved abandoned newborn girl’ from stray dog, was actually the culprit

As per police, when they tried to question Sarfuddin, he gave illogical answers and upon inquiry found that he had a second wife as well.

Meerut: Javed slit his married girlfriend’s throat while her five children watched

The accused alleged that the victim who was already married wanted to marry another man named Sonu.

Mexico: Man digs a tunnel to meet married girlfriend, gets caught by husband ‘mud-handed’

In Mexico, a husband was shocked when he found that his wife's boyfriend has dug a tunnel connecting their houses.

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